5 alternative New Years parties (and other 5 not that much) in Rio

We are two months away from New Years eve and it`s beyond time to start thinking about what to do. In this post, I will give you tips of 5 alternative New Years parties in Rio. There is also an extra tip of a relaxed and free place, from where you can watch all fireworks of South Zone at once. And, at the end, a list with 5 options of more traditional parties to be fair and help you choosing one!

1- Pura Vida Hostel

Pura Vida is a middle-age awesome castle in the middle of Copacabana. Its a big space and they throw several parties during the year. But the best one is definetly the New Years, with open bar (beer Miller, vodka, whiskey and others), and open food, two dancefloors and 4 DJs. The music style varies, but rock takes over! The coolest thing is that the Hostel is just a few meters away from Copacabana beach, so they give you an armband and a small bottle of sparkling for each one. This way, is possible to go see the fireworks at the beach and come back to enjoy the party until morning!

Tickets: 1º batch (limited): women R$200 and men R$250. Sales by e-mail: anonovo@puravidahostel.com.br.
Address: Rua Saint Roman, 20, Copacabana.

2- Bless in Vidigal

Imagine seeing the fireworks of Copacabana from the top and then start 2017 with this sunrise?   This is what Bless promises for this New Year, Two dancefloors, playing a lot of trap, pop, Rio`s funk, deep house, reggaeton, etc. The open bar consists of beer (Budweiser, Stella and Heineken), vodka Smirnoff and Redbull and several food options.

Tickets here 
(promo R$250 and first batch R$300).

Address: Hostel Alto Vidigal (Rua Armando de Almeida Lima, 2, Arvrão)

3- Réveillon of Bar Bukowski

The most rock n` roll bar in town also throws New Years party, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the bar. Unlimited Jagermeister, Redbull, Absolut, Whiskey, Gim and beer.

Tickets here 
(2º batch – half entrance for women 340 and men 390 reais).

Address: Clube Militar Praia Vermelha (CMPV) – Praça General Tibúrcio, s/n – Urca

4- Habemus Réveillon

Open bar, swimming pool and line-up of big parties (Manie Dansante, Wobble, etc. Its the third edition and the nicest thing is that is like a friend and friends of your friends party, but without losing professionalism!

Address: Mansão Imperial (Av. Edson Passos, 3114, Alto da Boa Vista). The production of the event will provide free vans in the return.
Tickets: 1º batch (R$250,00). Sales directly with the promoters (more info in the FB event) or online

5- WhiteHaus.

Two dancefloors, one of Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock and New Hits, and the other one with Deep House, Tropical House, Disco, etc… Open bar of Budweiser, Chandon, Vodka, RedBull and Whiskey and food service by Bar Riba. The place is The Mansion (Rua Dr. Júlio Otoni, 444 – Santa Teresa), an awesome party with a incredible view in Santa Teresa, and there will be vans from South Zone to make it easier! 

: 3º batch (R$ 450,00). Buy it here.

EXTRA TIP: Mirante Dona Marta

Not a party, but imagine watching all the fireworks of South Zone at the same time, from the top and for free?
At Mirante Dona Marta, in Santa Teresa,  this is possible. By one side, there is Sugarloaf and from the other, Christ Reedemer.


Bring beach chairs, a thermical bag with the things you want to drink/eat, your friends and family and enjoy a different and economical New Years. Attention: to get there, you need a car. And, in the way, there might be some parts a little empty of people. But I assure you won’t be the only one in there. THere is always a lot of people in there, but not packed and I have never heard of any problem there.

How to get there: put your starting point here.

+ Options

Well, I`m not a big fan of this huge New Years parties. There are a lot of people, the prices are absurd and I admit I think everything is  little cheesy. Buuut, to make your lifes easier, I will list here some options of not so alternative parties. They all have premium open bar and food!

MAM (1º batch, half entrance 350 reais). I haven`t found the Facebook event!

Royal Tulip – São Conrado (4º batch, half entrance for men R$490 and women R$450). Facebook event here.

Jockey (3° batch: Espaço Gávea – half R$275 and Espaço Lagoa – half R$375). Facebook event here.

Morro da Urca (pre-sale 1° batch R$ 590). Facebook event here.

WhiteRooftop no Lagoon (R$650,00), with japonese food and view of the Lagoa fireworks. Facebook event here.

Full guide of parties, including in other brazilian cities, here

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