Places to have wine in Rio

5 relaxed places to have wine in Rio.

One of the things I like most about Rio is our light, relaxed and unformal way of life. We walk around wearing shorts and flip-flops, we don’t care much about brands and we love a ‘boteco’ – local word for bar without any fanciness. But we do not drink only cold beer: we also have good places to have wine! I always thought that wine shouldn’t necessarily be associated with words such as gourmet, fancy or even expensive. That’s why in this post, I will list 5 relaxed places to have wine in Rio

1. Canastra Bar

Places to have wine in Rio

This is specially for those who think there are no good wines in Brasil. At Canastra, Ipanema, all the wines of the menu are national! People sit in side-walks tables or just stand up, with their glasses or even plastic cups of wine in the hands. To eat, the menu has cheeses and appetizers. Tuesday is the day of fresh oisters, straight from Santa Catarina. 

Address: Rua Jangadeiros, 42, loja B, Ipanema (really close to Subway station metrô General Osório – orange line)
Working hours: Tuesday-Saturday, from 6:30pm to 01:00am.

2. WineHouse

Places to have wine in Rio

Located in Botafogo, this bar has a great variety of wines in affordable prices.  The space is limited, so most of people sit in the side-walk tables. You can ask for any bottle of the menu or only one glass, but in this case only those in the weekly selection. At happy hour time (Monday – Friday, from 5pm to 8pm), the glasses’ prices are even lower. And when the summer arrives, no worries: just ask for a white and cold wine or even a Sparkling one. To eat, I recommend the bruschettas.

Address: Rua Paulo Barreto, 25, loja E, Botafogo (close to the Subway station – green or orange line)
Working hours: Monday-Thursday, from 5pm to 12am; Friday and Saturday, from 5pm to 01am.


Places to have wine in Rio

CADEG is our city Market. A great program for the weekend, with several options of restaurants and stores with good prices. There are many delicatéssens specialized in wines and restaurants with codfish dishes: a great combination. Ask first at the chosen restaurant if they charge corkage fee if you drink your own wine or if they sell bottles too. 

Address: Rua Capitão Félix, 110, Benfica.  
Working hours: Check it at the link or in the phones +55 21 3890.0202 | 21 3526.5717, as every store have a different hour schedule. 

4. Bar do Rock

Places to have wine in Rio

With little tables on the outside, you can choose between a craft beer or wine. Either way, you will have plenty of options! And, as the name suggests, the soundtrack is a good selection of rock n’ roll.

Address: Cobal do Humaitá:  Rua Voluntários da Pátria, 448
Working hours: Every day, from 6pm to 02am, except Sunday, which closes earlier, at midnight. 

5. Formato Vino e Forneria 

Places to have wine in Rio

The picture won’t let me lie. Sidewalk tables, no luxury. Formato is at a very strategic point,  right next to the Subway and to the lively Baixo Botafogo. Besides the great wines menu, their pizzas are also very acclaimed. 

Address: Rua Nelson Mandela, 100 – Loja 122 – Botafogo,
Working hours: Everyday, from 12pm to 01am, except fridays and sundays, which stays longer, til 02am. 

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