5 tips of Rio souvenirs

As in any other touristic city, Rio has a lot of places where it is possible to buy souvenirs of the city to give away as gifts or keep as a memory of your amazing trip. In this post, I will give some tips of gifts and souvenirs of Rio.

1. Notepads and diaries of Cícero Papelaria: This brand has a collection inspired in Rio landscapes, which are the sweetest thing. I’m not being paid for telling  this, ok? But if Cícero wants to send one of this over to my home, I would love it, hahaha.


2. Miniatures of Christ and Sugarloaf, bags and even plates with Rio references are easy to find in touristic places, specially in Copacabana. I couldn’t suggest one specific store, because they are all very similar. But to escape from the same, what about this collection of miniatures of Terra Vixta? Check out the list of stores where you can find it in their website.


3. Cangas: if you want to buy cangas (it’s kind of a scarf that people sit on at the beach) for a better price than is usually sold, one good place is Santa Clara 33, in Copacabana. It’s a building where there are a lot of stores that sells cangas and also gym clothes, bikinis, lingeries, etc. It is a great and useful gift!


4. Some clothing stores around the city usually have some shirts and other products with references to the city, such as Blu-X, which can be found in Ipanema (Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 580, Loja D) or in Copacabana (Rua Figueiredo de Magalhães, 219, Loja B).


5. The old but gold postcard is always a good idea, but to run away from the same ones that you find in any newspaper store, PostalRJ has a solution. They make postcards and magnets drawned with main references to  the city in a very peculiar and creative way. In their website you find the list of the stores that sell their products in Rio. 


So, did you like it? Have you seen any other cool stuff that you would add to the list?


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