Alternative schedule of Carnival blocos in Rio

There is the Carnival from Sambódromo and the samba schools and the street Carnival. 
And there is the street Carnival ‘traditional’ and the alternative. 

To help you with all these diferences, I’ve decided to make this Carnival schedule. I’ve made it based on my personal taste and opinion, the same way I do with the weekly schedule, with the criteria of being alternative blocos. In general, I run away of blocos in  Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Botafogo, etc. Most of the blocos I enjoy are in Center (Downtown), some in Santa Teresa, Glória, Aterro, etc.

Imagem relacionada Attention: there are some blocos with incomplete info, because they didn’t release it yet.  🙁 I will update it as soon as I get more info.

Because of that (and for being Carnival), I can not guarantee that the blocos will be in this time and date. But follow the page on Facebook to get fresh info quicker! 


Me enterra na Quarta
Best option for today!

Where? Gathering at Praça Odilo Costa, Santa Teresa.
What time? Gathering at 3pm, leaves at 4.

Planta na Mente
Ativist bloco which has as a cause weed legalization in Brazil.

Resultado de imagem para planta na mente

Where? Arcos da Lapa, Lapa.
What time? 16h20, rs.

Past events:


Bloco of axé. Really good stuff! People usually wear gold clothes and accessories.

Where? Rua do Teatro, Centro – Downtown.
What time? 10pm.

Orquestra Voadora
Most famous brass band in Rio. Yes, it gets crowded, but it’s really good, and Aterro is huge. Downside is that since it’s a brass band, to hear well the best thing is to come close. 

Resultado de imagem para orquestra voadora

Where? Aterro do Flamengo, altura da Praça Luis de Camões (estatua do Getúlio)– Flamengo
What time?  4pm.

Rio Maracatu

A imagem pode conter: uma ou mais pessoas, multidão, céu e atividades ao ar livre

Where? Posto 8, Ipanema
What time? 3pm.

Viemos do Egyto
People usually wear gold clothes and accessories. Night of Tuesday!!!!

WherePraça dos Expedicionários, Centro – Downtown (perto da Praça XV)
What time? 1am.


Mulheres Rodadas
Feminist bloco <3

Resultado de imagem para mulheres rodadas bloco

WhereLargo do Machado.
What timeFrom 9am, according to the FB event.

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