ArtRio x ArtRua: what’s the difference?

 One word to sum up this weekend in Rio de Janeiro: Art. Have you heard about the two festivals that will happen here and still have doubts in what is the difference between ArtRio x ArtRua? I´ll explain and even give you a third place for you to complete your tour around Santo Cristo.

 So, the ArtRio festival will start this Thursday, 09/29, and goes until Sunday 10/02, at Pier Mauá. This event is considered one of the biggest art fair of Latin America. They have 73 galleries with modern and contemporary art.


The tickets will cost R$ 30,00 full price and R$15,00 half-price and can be bought in advance here

Píer Mauá: Rodrigues Alves, street, 10, Centro, between warehouses 1 and 2.

Buuuut, as coolest as ArtRio can be, I always fall for the streets energy and vibration. The ArtRua will happen simultaneously to the official event, with 42 artists, 13 galleries, 5 parties, concerts, workshops and many options of delicious foods!!!!!!!!!!!!! For free. Yes, I am really excited. I’m sad that I can only go on Thursday, because I’m going to São Paulo on Friday (But, coming soon, fresh tips of the city)

I went to this event last year and I loved it. Look how it was.


And for what I have read, the event in 2016 will have the double of the size. Jesus!

The event will be in a reformed warehouse in Santo Cristo (Rua Professor Pereira Rei, 76, Santo Cristo). Yes, it is really near of ArtRio. If you want, you can attend to both. 



Feel the vibe! At this same place, there will be some parties. On Friday 09/30, the party Tecla Music will be there from 6pm to 11pm, and from 11pm to 06am will be the MOO Party (electronic music).

On Saturday, 1st October, the party Fiji will be on the set from 6pm to 11pm followed by Trap’In (as the name suggests, it plays trap, but also other types of electronic music, hip-hop, etc) from 11pm to 6am.

This event will also mark the official opening of Rua City Lab (Rua Professor Pereira Rei, 50, Santo Cristo), a coworking space, dedicated for collaborative economy, where it will have lecture and workshops about innovation and entrepreneurship. After the event ends, this place promises to keep their doors open, even with weekly happy hour. I will cheer for that!

To arrive, one tip is that you can get a free van of the event, leaving from Redley clothing store (Rua Maria Quitéria, 99, Ipanema), every 40 minutes *. By public transportation, you can catch metrô to Cinelândia + VLT going to Rodoviária (R$7,00). Then you only have to get off at Santo Cristo station and walk a little bit to the right.

Thursday: Go, from 18h to 22h; back from 20h to 00h. 

Friday and Saturday: Go, from 14h to 00h; Back from 16h to 02h.
Sunday: Go, from 14h to 21h, back from 16h to 23h

Still Have Energy?

Go for a walk at Bhering! The place is an old factory of chocolat, and nowadays is hosting many art studios. Every first Saturday of the month, they open their doors for the public, and it is possible to know the work from the local artists. But they will be opened full time (Fri-Sun, 2pm – 9pm) for the whole weekend, simultaneously to the ArtRio festival. The better is that everything is near, so you can go to these 3 places easily. Don’t forget to visit the terrace: the sight is wonderful and is an unbeatable vibe.


Address: Rua Orestes, 28, Santo Cristo.


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