10 typical foods to try while in Rio

One big part of any trip is the different food you are able to try. It is a important section of the cultures, so to help you out I will give some suggestions of typical foods to try while in Rio. Some of them you might try in other cities of Brazil as well.


1) Matte Leão. Its like an ice tea. You can find in cups or bottles in supermarkets and restaurants, or in galloons at the beaches. At the beach, you can mix lemonade with the Matte and it tastes even better (don’t pay more than 5 reais). Drink it while eating Biscoito Globo and take this classic picture.

2) Feijoada: it’s like beans with different kinds of meats. Seriously, it’s amazing!  Bar do Mineiro, in Santa Teresa is famous for this dish! Eat with farofa. Actually, eat everything with farofa, hahaha.

3) Coxinha: its like a fried mass with sliced chicken inside. It’s delicious, especially with cream cheese (we call it requeijão). Try one of the store called Fornalha or Catarina. They have a lot of stores in Botafogo and Copacabana.

4) Caipirinhas: you probably know that already, but its a typical drink made of Cachaça. The original flavour is lemon, but you can have it in lots of flavours, like strawberrys, pineapples, etc… You can find it in restaurants and in the beaches.

5) Brigadeiros: it’s made of condensed milk and chocolat powder and it’s usually served along with the cake in birthday parties.

6) Beers: we are not famous for good beers, but if you are a beer fan and wants to try, I suggest the Antarctica Original or Bohemia. It perfectly matches with pastel, which is a fried mass with several options of fillings. It’s difficult to describe, but, seriously, try. And take this picture if you do it on Mureta da Urca. It’s another classic.

7) Pão de queijo: even though is typical of Minas Gerais, another brazilian state, is also very popular in Rio. Perfect for breakfast or afternoon snacks!

8) Açaí: its actually a fruit from the North part of Brazil, but it’s easy to find in Rio as well. They sell it at the beaches and in fruit juice stores.

9) Tapioca: if you are going to the North or Northeast of Brazil, you will find the original tapiocas in there. But in Rio you can see in the streets a lot of people selling it in little cars. It’s cheap and perfect for a breakfast or afternoon snack. You can choose salted or sweet flavours.

10) Moqueca: this dish is traditionally famous in Espírito Santo, in Southeast of Brazil, but also in Bahia, Rio de Janeiro and many other states. Its usually served in clay pots, and along with the fishes there are also shrimps and other sea animals. Delicious!

Which one have you tried? And which one do you think it should be on this list? Write in the comments, I’d love to know more from you!

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