B-side spots in São Paulo

B-side spots in São Paulo

There is a little (and silly) rivalry between Rio and São Paulo. Aside from that, the ciy is a great travel destination, even for a quick round-trip of a weekend. In this post, you will see tips of b-side spots in São Paulo, such as: Mercadão (Food market) besides the mortadela sandwich, street art routes, karaokes and parties in abandonned buildings and old factories. To explore beyond the obvious!

It was made in a collaborative way, with tips of my own, of Roberta (local) and Giulia, who is always travelling to São Paulo. Ah, and the little star of highlightsestrela is on! Obviously, if it`s in here it is because I think is good, but these ones marked are like “wow, fantastic!”. 

Practical info

How to get there

Airplane – the international airport is GRU. If you are already in Brazil and is coming from Rio, avoid buying plane tickets to this airport. Usually, what you save on the fare, you end up spending in cabs and stress.  Congonhas (CGH) is the airport next to Downtown, while Guarulhos is even in another city.
Ônibus – from Rio, it takes about 6h. The night buses are a good option to go sleeping, but if you go only for a weekend you will waste one night. The price is R$100,00 each way. You can check detailed prices and timetable here. 

Where to stay
Tips of Jair Ponciano, which works on Worldpackers and is pretty much an expert on hostels:
`Ô de casa` party or chill,  We Hostel and Hostel Alice.

Not a big fan of hostels? Well, I went there to work, so I stayed at Comfort Downtown. It is in Downtown, next to a subway station. The rooms are comfortable, the breakfast is good and so is the price! 

What to do

By day

Armazém da Cidade – Giulia’s tip: “Armazém is in Vila Madalena and doesn’t have a specific schedule. But every week there are a lot of amazing events, of art, music and gastronomy. It is worthy checking their Facebook page to see the ongoing events”

Beco do Batman estrela– also in Vila Madalena, the beco has its walls full of street art. It is a open-air street art gallery!

B-side spots in São Paulo

Bienal de Arte – Giulia’s tip: “In pavilhão Cicillo Matarazzo, inside Ibirapuera Park, it occurs the art biennial, with exhibitions of artists from all over the world, aiming to bring these tendencies. It is free and the atmosphere really pleasant: it is worthy checking it after your walk in the park”.
25 de Março
Several tents and stores, selling everything: clothes, costumes, eletronic devices, decor objects.  I bought one small bag of a Peru style store for R$30,00 (corner of Rua Carlos de Sousa Nazaré with Rua Augusto Severo) that I loveeed! <3 Just go to 25 de Março street and walk around, but be careful with pickpocketing.


Mercadão (Mercado Municipal) – close to 25 de Março, so you can go to both in the same day. This big market is famous for the mortadella sandwich. Other famous item is the codfish pastel.  If you want to go beyond basic, explore the halls. From the things I’ve found exploring, I recommend: Santa Therezinha Cervejas, with a great variety of craft beers, and Donna Diva Doces, with portuguese sweets and other desserts for a fair price (around R$5,00).

B-side spots in São Paulo

Eataly other place to eat like Mercadao, but more fancy and  ‘gourmet’. I haven’t been there yet, but from I’ve read and know of this international brand, I can suggest. Some people call it “Disney for foodies”, hahaha.  AddressAv. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek, 1489, Vila Nova Conceição.

Pitico estrela– Pitico is a bar, which specialty is arabian food. Giulia went there and recommend the kebab box, the spicy french fries and the salads. According to her, the best of the bar is the space, surrounded by three containers and with beach chair, creating a very cool and relaxed atmosphere. You better get there early, because this bar is trending, so it gets packed. AddressRua Guaicuí, 61 – Pinheiros, two blocks from subway station Faria Lima.

B-side spots in São Paulo
Photo: http://www.thesummerhunter.com/
Porque SimGiulia: “this restaurant is a must-go for those who love japanese food! Located in Liberdade, the japanese neighborhood of São Paulo, it has a typical decoration and is attented by japanese people who live there, since they serve dishes that they really have in a daily basis. Everything comes in generous portions, and for a fair price. Upstairs, there is a karaoke, with oriental songs too! AddressRua Tomaz Gonzaga, 75 – Liberdade.

Hamburguer – Roberta: “One hamburguer restaurant that has a decoration which turns the food experience even better. The service is excellent and the menu is amazing, for all sizes of hunger.” Address Av. Ibirapuera, 1777 – Moema.

Calçadão Urbanóide – Roberta: “A super cool and open-air space, with lots of food trucks offering all kinds of food and snacks. Go to Praça Roosevelt and Beco in the same day.”  Me: I also went there and I really liked, but in my opinion, is not worthy going there only for that, unless you’are around already. AddressR. Augusta, 1291 – Consolação.


Trackers estrela – one of the most different nights I’ve ever went to. It occupies a whole floor of a abandonned building! You go around and it seems you’re in a awesome party in someone’s house. There are lots of rooms: bar with table soccer, a bath tub(?) and couches to chill; balconies to smoke and see the view; two dance floors. The only thing is that in the day I went, it was really packed. And it is better to arrive early, so you dont waste a lot of time in the lines. Address: Rua Dom José de Barros, 337, Centro/Republica *.  Prices may vary on the party, but in advance its usually around 25 reais and at the door, 35.

B-side spots in São Paulo

* Mode mother on: the surroundings seemed to be kind of creepy. So, I recommend sharing a cab/Uber to go and return. 🙂

Casa das Caldeiras estrela this one I didn’t have time to go, but I found out by research. Check it out: a former energy producer that became a cultural center! The chimneys and the old estructure are still there, making the atmosphere at least unusual. There are a lot of concerts, parties and artistic interventions, including on Sundays, most of them free. The best way to follow the events schedule is by their website (available in English!).  Address: Av. Francisco Matarazzo, 2000 – Água Branca. 

Praça Roosevelt
– close to Praça República, Praça Roosevelt is a place full of bars that gets lively on weekends. In other trip I made there, back in 2014, I went to Papo, Pinga e Petisco, which has a excentric decor and good food. This year, I went to a pizzeria/karaokê called Arte Pizza (Rua Nestor Pestana, 237). Passing by the door, you don’t expect much, but inside is big and awesome! They have an actual stage, with a red curtain behind like of old theathers. By consuming anything, you get karaoke coins. It gets packed, but in a good way, and really lively! I loved it! 

Clash Club –  Roberta’s tip: “A Clash is a place that since 2007 throws alternative parties in a 30’s hangar. The best ones are of Rap and electronic music.” AddressR. Barra Funda, 969 – Santa Cecilia

Beco – Giulia’s tip: “Beco is an alternative nightclub in Rua Augusta, 609.  What I loved about the place were the songs (Pop/Rock), the open bar with good drinks and people diversity, everyone getting along just fine, with does not happen in every nightclub of São Paulo. The entrance with open bar costed me around R$50.” Attention: prices, conditions and music style may vary according to the party. Check the schedule in the site.

Bar – Roberta: “A
 underground bar/night club super styling but humble (as they define themselves): perfect to hang out, chat and appreciate good music.” AddressRua Mourato Coelho, 1156, Vila Madalena.

D-Edge estrela– Roberta: “One of the main nightclubs of eletronic music in São Paulo, maybe the most reputed, has already received a lot of famous DJs. They have a lot of cool projects, one of them is the Superafter, that starts at 6am, from Saturday to Sunday” Genious! AddressAv. Auro Soares de Moura Andrade, 141 – Barra Funda 

If you want to chill, a super local tip estrela that even locals sometimes are not aware, with wonderful Roberta: “Ibirapuera park works 24 hours from Saturday to Sunday. Unfortunately, after 11pm, the access is restricted to some parts, but it has lighthing and guard. * Its really worthy having a night pic-nic while enjoying the view of the lake and the skyscrapers.”

* Mode mother on again: still, it is always a good idea to be aware and see how is the movement and your feeling! <3

We hope you liked our tips! <3


Manu, Roberta e Giu

Last update: 29 Nov 2016

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