Less trendy graffitis in Olympic Boulevard and the opening of AquaRio

The Olympic Boulevard barely opened and already knocked out several sightseeings in Rio. It is estimated that 1.4 million people have already passed through it since August 5, becoming one of the most visited sights of the city.

The main attraction is the big mural of the artist Kobra, who entered the Guinness Book as the largest graffiti of the world. 

The mural is fantastic, but it has other graffitis there less trendy and also very nice. 

Right at the end of Boulevard, after Armazem da Utopia and opposite to the future AquaRio has the wall of Refugees.

mural dos refugiados boulevard olimpico

Nearby also has a graphite with references of Rio that I, of course, loved it, hehehe. 


And, about the AquaRio: according to Globo, a famous brazilian newspaper, it is supposed to be opened to public in November and will be the largest aquarium of Latin America. The price is absurd R$ 80 and R$ 60 for locals. It will have a shark tank, and in 2017 they will give the option to swim with them. In addition, but already since the inauguration, they will offer the possibility to spend the night at the Aquarium! :O

aquario rio dormindo no museu
Photo taken from the official website: http://www.aquariomarinhodorio.com.br/

For an extra amount, you will be offered an evening snack and breakfast, as well as mattresses, blankets and pillows.

I confess that I am not a fan of aquariums, for the same reason I do not like zoos, but is a tip of a different thing to do, especially for children!

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