The MIMO Festival in Paraty and what to expect of MIMO Rio

Between 14th and 16 October, MIMO Festival took place in Paraty/RJ and I was there! I will tell you everything it happened and also what to expect of Rio’s edition, which will be between 11 and 13 October! 

About the festival

MIMO is a instrumental international music festival, which makes their editions always in historical cities of Brazil, such as Paraty, Olinda, Ouro Preto and Tiradentes, and also in Portugal.  The places where the stages are set up are in open-air and the entrance is free. In the schedule, famous Brazilian artists with international attractions. The rule is simple: variety! And, in spite of the name, not necessarily all the attractions are without voice. 

It’s been more than 10 years of tradition and good news are that Rio entered in the list of chosen cities and for the second time will host the festival! Yey! 

How it was in Paraty

                                                                                                                                                                                            Picture by me

The best part for me was the opportunity to meet artists and groups that I would probably not know normally, such as Cheikh Lô (Senegal – 1)  and the Ucranian group Dakha Brakha (2). The good thing is that event production mixes perfectly this eccentric musical experiences with well-known artists, as Elza Soares (3) and Emicida (4). In the last day,  Hamilton de Holanda e o Baile do Almeidinha presented.  Besides, the concerts were all very punctual, the itens at the official tents were sold at a reasonable price and the stage was beautiful! Everything was perfect! 

cheikh-lo-paraty-mimo-2016 dakha-brakha-mimo-paraty-2016
1                                                                                             2
elza-soares-mimo-paraty emicida-paraty-2016
                                          3                                                                                             4
Pictures: Ricardo Gaspar

What to expect of MIMO Rio

Well, from I’ve seen of the event in Paraty, we can expect a festival with a great level of organization and production. Regarding the schedule, we will have concerts of brazilian artists such as Jards Macalé, João Bosco e Hamilton de Holanda juntos, Chico César e Ney Matogrosso! <3 By the side of international attractions, I’d highlight Pat Thomas & Kwashibu Area Band.  He is the greatest name of highlife, popular musical gender in Gana, which has influenced afrobeat. Other must-see is the cumbia queen Totó la Momposina (Colômbia), representing the Latin rhythms.

Besides, there will be also workshops (free, through applications in the site until 6 November), mostly with members of the invited bands and movie exhibitions, all related to music. 

Stages will be fixed in several spots of the city, the main one being in Praça Paris (Glória). But there will be presentations also in historical churches, as Candelária, Outeiro da Glória, São Francisco da Penitência (Carioca) and Irmandade de Santa Cruz dos Militares (Praça XV).
OBS: the Stage “Se Ligaê”, mentioned in the site, it is also in Praça Paris. 

The full schedule you can check in the website.


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