Museum of Tomorrow and other tips of Port Region

During Olympics and Paralympics Games in Rio, tons of people, among tourists and locals, went to Olympic Boulevard to watch games transmissions, meet the brand new space in Port Region or even attend to free concerts. 

Well, the Games are over, but Praça Mauá is still there. In this post, I will talk a little about  Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow) and give you some tips to seize the day and explore the Port Region. 

Start by Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow). The ticket costs R$10,00, except for Tuesdays when it is free of charge, and are sold online in the website. From Tuesday to Sunday – closed on Mondays – the museum works from 10am to 5pm. 

The main idea of the museum is to discuss the Earth future and the human practices towards the environment. It makes you think about sustainability and all the horrible things that humans are able to do, in spite of the future for our kids.

museu do amanhã-rio de janeiro

Right in the beggining of the exhibition, you can watch a 15-min movie called “Cosmos”. It is about the origin of the Universe in a 360° projection, like a Planetary. It is a really interesting experience . The storytelling is in Portuguese, but by the images you will be able to follow and enjoy it. 

If you go further, you will find yourself in the the area called “Antropoceno”. There are 32ft high columns displaying a movie about urban life and human practices. If it is not too crowded, you can watch laying down in couches. 

museu do amanhã_antropoceno

The whole museum is aimed to be interactive and technological. There are other sections as well, but the whole visit shouldn’t take more than 2 hours. 

Next stop: the mural “Ethnicities”, by the brazilian street artist Kobra. It was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest graffiti mural of the world. The name was given because every character of the mural is representing one continent. 

                                       Picture from the official website

As amazing as the mural may be, go until the end of the warehouses. There are many other cool graffitis, and by November, it will have also the AquaRio

-> I tell all the details about these other graffitis and the Aquario in this post.

To have a good closure for your cultural day, head to MAR (Rio Art Museum), which is close to Praça Mauá. There are fixed and temporary exhibitions, most of them by local artists or about Rio. Don’t miss going to the terrace, with a incredible sight of the Port region of Rio.


Not enough?

Extend your route and go to Pedra do Sal (in English, it would be something like Salt Stone). Starting from 6pm, every Monday and Friday, it happens a great samba presentation. It is free, in the street. It gets crowded, but is a must-go in Rio. If you are unable to get the samba, a quick visit is worthywhile anyway. In the walls, there are interesting graffitis and it is a spot of great historical importance of the area known as Little Africa. It was first a place where the salt was brought by the vassels, as the name suggests, and then became a meeting point for sambists. For this reason, its considered the place where samba was born.


If you go up by the stairs, you will get to Morro da Conceição. I call this place a less trendy version of Santa Teresa. You will see kids playing football in the little cobble-stoned streets, houses with open doors and old-fashioned little markets. Have fun! 

INFO: in this map, I put red flags in the places I mentioned in the post. As you can see, everything is walking distance from each other! To get there in the first place, the best way is to take the Subway to the station Cinelândia or Carioca, and take the VLT (tram) in front of the station. Then, drop off at Praça Mauá to start your tour.  The  tickets for Subway and VLT together costs R$7,00. Attention: the VLT does not have a charging system. You have to buy a card and validate inside the tram. If you get caught for not validating, you will have to pay a fine of R$170,00.


 Last update: 29 Nov 2016

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