Schedule (16-18 Dec)

FRIDAY, 16 Dec

Latin music party, on the streets.

What time? 10:20 pm – 05:20 am.
Where? Bar do Nanam: Rua Imperatriz Leopoldina, próximo à Praça Tiradentes.
How much? Free!

Bangarang Resultado de imagem para reggae
Reggae music party! 

What time? 11pm-05am.
Where? Nu.Miolo: Ladeira de Santa Teresa, 6, Lapa.
How much? R$10 – til 01AM, R$15 – after 01AM..

MOO Resultado de imagem para emoji oculos
Electronic music party, but experimental and alternative. Their sound is really good! I was thinking of going, but to be honest, the Facebook event has so many people interested/attending, that I think it will get too crowded and with confusion at the door. 

What time? 11pm-06am.
Where? Touring – Praça Mauá, Centro (Downtown).
How much? Free until 12:30am with name on the list. Past 12:30am, with or without name, the price is R$ 20,00.



Selvagem 5 anos Resultado de imagem para emoji oculos
Party in Rio that reminds of Berlim nightlife. Craaazy… And this will be the 5th anniversary edition! They have already won prizes by specialized Juri as the best party for two years in a hole and made editions in NY and Europe. The music style is xperimental eletronic, but mixed with brazilian and latin rhytims. Go with your mind opened!

What time? 12am-08am.
Where? Venue not released yet, but it will be in Downtown.
How much? R$30,00 in advance.

Alternative pool party, with several DJs and a surprise carnival bloco.
It’s a brand new party, but seems good and the place is great! 

What time? 3pm-03am.
Where? Casa da Glória: Ladeira da Glória, 98.
How much? For those confirmed on the FB event: R$20.

Forró do Kiko Resultado de imagem para forró
Forró, typical brazilian genre, usually to dance in couples. It will be in a beautiful house in Santa Teresa, a few minutes walk from Lapa!

What time? 9pm-03am.
Where? Casa Alto Lapa Santa: Rua Joaquim Murtinho, 654
How much? R$20 on friends list (event wall til 7pm of tomorrow), R$25 without name.

Arrastão na Casa
Brazilian funk and other genres party, in a beautiful house in Santa Teresa, with an awesome view. If you want to go with swim-wear, the swimming pool will be open to the public! 

What time? 10pm-06am.
Where? Casa Coletiva: Rua Dr. Júlio Otoni, 194, Santa Teresa.
How much? R$10,00, here.

Brazilian music Party at the streets, in front of one of the bars that is trending now.
Attention: at least by the Facebook event and the physical space of the place, I think the risk is that it gets too crowded.

What time? 11pm-05am.
Where? Bar do Nanam: Rua Imperatriz Leopoldina, próximo à Praça Tiradentes.
How much? Free.

Rebola Resultado de imagem para emoji oculos
Other experimental electronic music, also crazy and modern… Remember: mind-opened…. I wish I didn’t have to say this….

What time? 11pm-07am.
Where? Quadra da Vizinha Faladeira: Rua da Gamboa, 345, esquina com Via Binário
How much? Free til 12:30 am, and R$20 til 01:30am, with name on the wall, R$20 in advance here R$30 without list.

SUNDAY, 18 Dec

Have a taste of Rio’s carnival, with the walk around Saara, region of Rio’s city Center.

What time? From 4pm.
Where? Concentration at Campo de Santana (subway station: Central)
How much? Free!

Feijão da Tia Maria do Jongo 
Still celebrating 100 years of samba, this event will be bringing together two things I really love about Brazil: music and feijoada. Samba and jongo presentations and the traditional feijoada of Tia Maria do Jongo, who is celebrating her 96 years anniversary<3

What time? 12pm-7pm.
Where? Casa do Jongo: Rua Compositor Silas de Oliveira.
How much? Free entrance and feijoada R$ 20,00.

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Festival Botica
Brass bands and forro – brazilian typical genre-, in this scenario!  Largo do Boticário is like getting into a time machine, seriously. Check out these colorful and charming houses! 

What time? 9am-9:30pm.
Where? Largo do Boticário, Cosme Velho.
How much? Free

Projeto Criolice 
A perfect local experience to have. Samba outside the South Zone, the touristic area. Since it’s a celebration of New Years, they specified the dress code as white!

What time? 3pm-9pm.
Where? Arena Fernando Torres, no final do Parque Madureira, próximo a subida do viaduto de Rocha Miranda.
How much?  Til 5pm , with food donation R$10; Without, R$15. After 5pm: R$20.


El Miraculoso Samba Jazz Resultado de imagem para metais instrumentos
Samba Jazz, I’m sure you will love it. Specially with the beautiful scenario of Urca. The only downside, in my opinion, is that the presentation uses to be really short. So don’t take the risk and arrive there on time!

What time? 5pm-7pm.
Where? Praia Vermelha, Urca.
How much? Free!

Cordão do Prata Preta
Samba at 3pm, and 6pm parade with the band. Event in honor of 1st anniversarty of Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow), which will be ticket-free the whole day!

Where? Outside of the museum.
How much? Free!

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I hope you enjoy the most out of Rio!  Don’t hesitate on asking me anything by email or through the comments!

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