What to do in Rio (11 and 12 Oct)

Wednesday (12 Oct) is a holiday in Brazil, so most people wont go to work! Today is a good day for going out, come see what`s happening here!

TERÇA, 11/10

1. Casuarina, Criolo e Moacyr Luz
Samba group Casuarina presents with special guests as Criolo and Moacyr Luz, sambist. From 10pm. If you want know how great is brazilian music, this is where you should go.

Address: Fundição Progresso – Rua dos Arcos, 24, Lapa.
Tickets here.

2. Madrugada no CCBB
From 11pm to 04am. Live music and several DJs. The museum will be opened the whole night, exceptionally. Enjoy the opportunity to see the impressionism exhibition, in their last days.

Address: CCBB: Rua Primeiro de Março, 66 – Centro
Tickets: for free, but with passwords given in loco by arrival order. From what I`ve heard of past editions, it gets crowded and a bit confusing with the passwords system. Ideally, you better get there early or have a backup plan.  

3. Forró * de Rabeca
At bar do Nanam, close to Praça Tiradentes. Address: Rua Imperatriz Leopoldina. It starts 9:30pm and goes till pretty late. If you wanna know how are the street parties in Rio, then you should go! For free*.

* Forro is a popular brazilian kind of music,  usually to dance together in couples. 

* The event is free, but it got costs. Contribute!   

4. Bebete Vambora
Another classic of the alternative nightscene in Rio, the MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) parties at Gafieira Elite*(Rua Frei Caneca, 04, Centro) are also a good option to dance a lot to the sound of great brazilian artists, such as Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben, Tim Maia, and many others.  They also play international rock songs and the beer inside is sold in a fair price!

Oh, and Gafieira has a huge wall, full of beautiful pictures of icons of both Brazilian and International music. Take your picture too <3  If you put in Instagram, use the hashtag #iminrio so I can see and like it? 😀

*The surroundings of Gafieira are kind of creepy at night. Share a taxi/Uber with your friends, ok?

– In advance (debit or credit card and no lines) R$15 – Batch 1 e R$20 – Batch 2, here.
– Door (only in cash: R$ 20 with name in the list until midnight e R$ 30 after midnight or no list.

5. Forró at Democráticos
Other forro party, and in a very traditional house in Lapa: Democráticos (Rua Riachuelo, 91, Lapa). The live music starts from 9:30pm, and will be 3 different groups.
Prices: women for free and men R$10, only until 20:59h; friends list R$ 15 until 10pm, R$ 20 until 11pm and R$ 25 until midnight, by sending your full name to forrodegafieira@gmail.com or in the Event wall till 6pm. 

6. Ganjah Lapa
Ganjah is a contemporary smoke house* in Lapa. Every Wednesday they have reggae music live music, and Thursdays is jazz.  This Tuesday is a rock band presentation. There are not many people attending in the Facebook event, but the space in there is small, so its probaly better this way.
Address: Rua do Rezende, 76, Lapa.
From 9pm, free entrance.
* As you probably know, weed is prohibited in Brazil. They only sell accessories in there.

QUARTA, 12/10

1. Trail Mirante Dona Marta + feijoada
The event is an initiative of Sou+Carioca, which offers hikes and tours by voluntary contribution. This one, exceptionally, has a closed value of R$45,00 in advance or R$55,00 at the time, with the feijoada included. From Mirante Dona Marta, by a one-hour trail, you have a STUNNING view of Pão de Açúcar (Sugar Loaf) from one sight, and Christ on the other. The feijoada is going to be offered inside the Favela Dona Marta. From 09am.

2. Dubwise Reggae
Reggae event, with international DJs. From 2pm to 10pm. Address: Casa 7 – Rua Piragibe Frota Aguiar, 7, Ipanema. Tickets here.

3. Festival do Rio
Are you tired of partying and wants to chill? What about watching a movie?  The full schedule of the Festival you check here. Only until 16th October!

Have fun!

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