How to get around Rio: transportation advice

Are you coming to Rio for the very first time? In case you are wondering how to get around Rio, take a look at this post, where I share valuable advice in terms of transportation.


How to get around Rio

Riding the subway is definitely the safest and most convenient way of getting around Rio. When choosing where to stay in Rio (check out my thoughts about it in the linked post), make sure you stay near a subway station. 

It is possible to buy a pre-paid card that doesn’t cost any extra nor does have any burocracy. It is a great idea, as you won’t have to wait in line every time to buy an individual card. Avoid putting a large amount at once, since it won’t be possible to get the money back if you don’t use it.

The metro runs everyday, Monday-Saturday 5AM/midnight and Sunday and holidays 7 AM/11PM.  Except for Maracanã, you will be probably spending your whole time in the orange line (line 4).

Rideshare Applications

Uber and Cabify (use the code WHENINRIO for discounts in your first rides) has a large operation here in Rio. However, the hidden dynamic fares can be tricky sometimes, especially if you don’t how much it costs normally. Also, the drivers usually can’t get around without their GPS.


This is how a taxi in Rio looks like:

How to get around Rio

While there are not serious dangers evolved, avoid getting a taxi randomly at the streets. Once they hear you speaking another language, you may get ripped off. You better download the app “99 Taxis” and call it through your phone. Also, this way you put the destination in the request and be worriless about overcoming language barriers to explain where you’re going.

When leaving from the bus station or the airports in  Rio, do not take taxis with fixed prices. They usually cost like 3 times the normal fare. Take a look at this separate article, where I explain how to leave from the airports in Rio

Fundadora do projeto, a Manu é carioquíssima e completamente apaixonada pelo Rio. Lugar preferido: não tem, mas ela se arrepia toda no samba da Pedra do Sal e recarrega as energias no fim de tarde do Arpoador.
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