How to go to Bar Bukowski for free

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Bar Bukowski (Rua Álvaro Ramos, 270, Botafogo) is a big house that throws rock parties since 1997!

There are several spaces, four bars, a really nice open-air area with narguile and live rock presentation in the garage.


The lines at the door even in crisis times assure: it is really good stuff!

But, even though is still a success, the price is not so good: R$ 50,00 or R$40,00 if you have your name on the list (through Facebook or e-mail), and you get a vodka shot.

The tip of the day is how to get in Bukowski for free:

1- Teachers of public schools don’t pay entrance

Self-explanatory: you just need to show any proof of it at the door!

2- Birthdays of the month

Almost every nightclub in town, even restaurants, has special conditions for birthdays. But at Bukowski, the free entrance for the birthday person is guaranteed for the whole month, how many times he/she wants. If you go on your birthday week, you get one more free entrance for one guest, special line and, with 20 guests in the house, you also get R$200,00 to spend inside!

3- Happy Hour

Other thing that not everyone knows: Bukowski also has happy hour!!! Or drunk hour, as they prefer to call. Hahaha.

Every friday and holiday eves, the house opens earlier, at 6:30pm. The entrance is free, at the bar there are double doses of a foreigner beer and drink of the day. Ah, and the narguilé is also free.

* Until 10pm. If you get excited (or drunk) and you want to stay for the party, you pay the price of friend list (R$40,00) and get the vodka shot.

So? Let’s go?

bar bukowski rock rio


bar bukowski rock rio botafogo
Photos: Bar Bukowski/release

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