New bar in Botafogo: Hocus Pocus DNA

The brand Hocus Pocus beer opened its own new bar in Botafogo: Hocus Pocus DNA (Rua Dezenove de Fevereiro, 186, Botafogo), who barely opened and already turned a point.

Photo: Rodrigo Azevedo

Upon arriving, it is possible to see already a buzz at the door. People standing, talking, which is typical of Rio bars. Beach chairs add up to the relaxed atmosphere.

To drink

14 taps of craft beer, and 6 of them of the own brand Hocus Pocus. I went with a friend and tried 6 different. All are in the range of 13 reais and the alcohol content is varied.

To eat

The menu is super unique, beyond the old but gold burger. I ate the tongue-meat croquette sandwich (R$ 24). Yes, tongue! I also had prejudice and was afraid that I wouldn`t like it, but I decided to give it a try. You have no idea of how much it tastes good. Seriously, the croquette crumbles in your mouth. I want to return there as soon as possible to eat it again and also to try the handmade sausage.


The desserts are also remarkable. We tried the wonderful chocolate cake, but I also really wanted to ask for the cookie, which comes in a hot pot of ceramic with vanilla ice cream. A couple who sat next to us asked and only the smell already made me gain about 5lb, hahaha.

Oh, and something very important: good music! And at the right volume: it is possible to hear, but also to talk. The service is friendly and at the end of the night we were even asking them to play some specific songs, hahaha, that was chosen right there on a computer at the counter!


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