Parties and events in Rio (03 to 06 Nov)


Festival Passeio Público
Another edition of Passeio Público Festival, this time with the theme of great movie classics. With foodtrucks and a pleasant vibe, bring a canga or a towel to sit on the floor.
What time? Noon-9pm.
Where? Passeio Público 
How much? Free!

Reggae in Ganjah Lapa
Ganjah is a contemporary smoke house* in Lapa. Every Wednesday they have reggae music live music, and Thursdays is jazz.  This Tuesday is a rock band presentation. There are not many people attending in the Facebook event, but the space in there is small, so its probaly better this way.

What time? 8pm-11pm.
Where? Ganjah: Rua do Rezende, 76, Lapa.
How much? R$5,00.

-> See all the do’s (and don’ts) in Lapa here.

* As you probably know, weed is prohibited in Brazil. They only sell accessories in there.

Forro da Ouvidor

forro rabeca agenda o que fazer no rio de janeiro
This forró * has already entered the weekly schedule of the city. It starts at 09:00 p.m and goes till dawn with DJs in between.
What time? 9pm-04am.
Where? Rua do Ouvidor, corner with Rua do Mercado, Centro (Downtown).
How much? Conscious contribution. Suggested minimum of R$5,00.

* Forro is a popular brazilian kind of music,  usually to dance together in couples. 

FRIDAY, 04 Nov

Festival Passeio Público
Another edition of Passeio Público Festival, this time with the theme of great movie classics. With foodtrucks and a pleasant vibe, bring a canga or a towel to sit on the floor.
What time? Noon – 9pm.
Where? Passeio Público 
How much? Free!

Jazz no The Maze

the maze rio
Foto: Alexandre Macieira – Riotur
One of the few exceptions I make of not listing parties that costs more than R$30,00. But its for a good reason: finest jazz and an amazing scenarium! The only thing is that it usually gets really packed.
What time? 10pm-03am.
Where? The Maze*: Rua Tavares Bastos, 414, Catete.
How much? R$50 até 23h, R$60 depois.

* The Maze takes place in Tavares Bastos community, in Catete. It is a very safe community, but its worth to point out. To go up, take the vans that leaves from the corner of Tavares Bastos Street and Street Bento Lisboa, very close to the Catete metro station. There are usually staff wearing light green vests written ‘the maze’ giving directions. To come down, it is possible to go by foot.

Infame: Halloween estrela
Last month I went to this party, and I was just waiting for the next one to tell you guys. Its quite a liberal party, sort of saying. Go ready to see things as a strip-tease show of dancers wearing unicorn masks. There are also tequila shots on stage, dark room and other things like that. The party is more attended by GLS public, even though they don’t present themselves as a gay party. Anyway, I’m just telling you all of that so that no one shows up unadvertised. But I’m sure if you keep your head open, you will have plenty of fun and a nightlife experience a little bit excentric. And the Halloween edition must be even better, I suppose!
What time? midnight – 7am.
Where? CAVE – Rua Francisco Otaviano, 20, Arpoador.
How much? in advance (here) or wearing costumes for R$30 all night long, R$ 40 until 01am, R$ 50 until 02am, R$ 60 after 02am or no name on the list.

Yellow + Benflogin
Yellow Submarine is a alternative party that plays mostly Brazilian music (MPB). Benflogin is from the same DJs/producers, but it plays mostly Rock.
What time? 11pm-05:30am.
Where? Teatro Odisséia – Av. Mem de Sá, 66, Lapa.
How much? In advance (here) or R$10,00 friends list until midnight, R$20,00 after and R$30,00 no list.


La Cumbia
Latin music party in Casa 7, brand new events space in Ipanema. I haven’t been there yet, but this may be a good opportunity to do so!
What time? 11pm-06am.
Where? Casa 7 – Rua Piragibe Frota Aguiar, 07, Ipanema. Subway station: General Osório
How much? 20 in advance, 25 until 02am (with name on the list) and 30 after 2am.

Festa Cassete
Two DJ’s together: one famous for playing the best of brazilian music (MPB) and rock. The other, for playing that old and cheesy songs that almost everyone knows the lyric, such as Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and many others. Probably, there will be also a lot of brazilian music you can’t sing along, but you should have fun anyway! First floor of the house will be opened, with a good air-conditioning and plenty of space to dance!
What time? 11pm-06am.
Where? Gafieira Elite *- Rua Frei Caneca, 06, Centro.
How much? R$ 20 with name on the list until midnight, R$ 30 after or no list.

* The surroundings of Gafieira gets a bit creepy at night. The best thing is to go and return by cab/Uber!

Show: Casuarina estrela
Great samba group presenting for free!
What time? 7pm-11pm.
Where? Praça Mauá.
How much? Free!

Bailão do Castelo
What time? 10pm-05am.
Where? Cordão do Bola Preta – Rua da Relação, 03, Lapa.
How much? R$20,00. In advance, no lines, in this link.

SUNDAY, 06 Oct

Luau do Bagunço estrela

I can already smell the scent of Carnival! What about a Sunny sunday in Aterro, listening to the brass band of Bagunço? Bring a towel, find yourself a shadow, have a picnic with your friends and that’s it! You have a great (and local) day for free!
What time? 03:30pm – 11:30pm.
Where? Quiosque ZeroNove – Parque do Flamengo, Aterro. (altura da estação de metrô do Catete)
How much? Conscious contribution.

Show: Paulinho da Viola estrela
Another great samba artist in a free concert, as part of celebrations for the 100 years of Samba!
What time? 7pm-11pm.
Where? Praça Mauá.
How much? Free.

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