Bailinho, one of the best parties in Rio

The Party Bailinho, created in 2007 without great pretensions, is a huge success here in Rio. The party left its fans miserable since they stopped making regular editions. But during the Olympics, they were part of Scheeeins’ party schedule as guests and recently they announced that they will be making summer editions at Pier Mauá. Save the date: 14 and 20 January and 05 February.

OK, I’ll start with the bad news: it’s expensive. 1st lot (which is almost over already) is R$70.00 and the 2nd lot R$90,00 half entrance (students). Whoever has been reading me here for some time or knows me personally, knows that I hardly spend money on parties. I always go to free parties, and I rarely recommend expensive ones. But Bailinho is an honorable exception, and I’ll explain why.
I went to this Olympic edition at FM Hall, the rooftop of the Bossa Nova Mal. In just a few minutes I understood why this party is so famous. Besides the amazing place and its open-air space, which certainly always wins many points with me, the party is simply incredible. It seems that they think of everything in the smallest details, from the decor, to the stage performances, like a ballerina dancing to the music. It also had spaces with puffs to chill, walls with collages of poetry and other references and even a fortune teller, hahaha.

And the music, ahh, the music. Super eclectic! The DJs plays some kind of pop songs, like Mapei – Do not Wait, but also Brazilian music classics. Never had that moment like “hm, the DJ did it badly”, you know? In fact, I would say that music is the greatest strength of this party!

This picture of the dancefloor crowded  won’t let me lie.

After all, it is not by coincidence that Bailinho is considered one of the best parties in Rio, or maybe in Brazil, and has a loyal audience, who even in the rain just opens the umbrella and remains happy. <3

All photos were taken from the official Facebook party page.

Fundadora do projeto, a Manu é carioquíssima e completamente apaixonada pelo Rio. Lugar preferido: não tem, mas ela se arrepia toda no samba da Pedra do Sal e recarrega as energias no fim de tarde do Arpoador.
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