Places to watch the football final match between Brazil and Germany

On Saturday, at 5:30 pm, Brazil will have a chance to revenge the 7-1 in the final of men’s football, between Brazil and Germany.


It will be a great match and this post is to help those who want to watch on a cool and lively place, but do not know where.

– Countries Houses. The houses of the countries has been a real fever in these Olympics. Among the free ones, I’d highlight the House of Austria, in Club Botafogo, and Switzerland at Lagoa, near Corte of Cantagalo. The German House, at Ipanema beach, is also free, but if you’re cheering for Brazil it is obviously not a good option, hahaha. The House of France costs 20 reais and also has big screens to watch it.

NOTE: Almost every countries houses has been really crowded, with long lines. Plan to arrive there early, before the game, to avoid any stress 🙂

Pura Vida Hostel (Rua Saint Roman, nº 20, Copacabana). For the matc h, besides the transmission they will offer a barbecue in their bar-deck. Buying any drink at the bar, the barbecue is for free. The environment in there is really pleasant, so seems to be a good choice!

Red Queen (Rua Paulo Barreto, 64): Recently opened in Botafogo, this bar is a promise. And this Saturday is a good day to get to know it, since during transmission they will have a double dose promotion (2×1) of beers whenever Brazil score a goal.  So imagine it if happens a rematch of 7×1 for Brazil! Hahaha.

– Olympic Boulevard. It is a good spot during the Olympics. Several big screens (there are also some in the space of Skol), in addition to other attractions of Boulevard. It has been quite full too and I confess I have not watched any game there yet, but I imagine it is very cheerful.

Lapa. Lapa is another lively place to watch the match. There has infinite bars and restaurants that usually broadcast the matches. I couldn’t suggest any in particular, but the Sarau Rio, very close to the Arches, usually has a big screen outside. Enjoy the fact that the game is in the late afternoon and spend the day in Santa Teresa, a charming neighbourhood nearby. See what to do there in that post.

Like it? Do you have any suggestions to add?

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