Schedule 13 to 15 Jan

FRIDAY, 13 Jan

Baile da pesada
Black music and its sub-genders!

What time? 11pm-7am.
Where? Rua Sacadura Cabral, 154, Saúde
How much? On the list, its free until 1am.  After 1am, R$20 women and R$30 men. No list, R$30 women and R$50 men.

This is a really famous party born in Sao Paulo, which made special editions in New York and Europe. It’s electronic music, but blended with Brazilian rhythms.  However, I have to admit that despite of its fame, I didn’t like it so much when I’ve been there. I don’t know if it was the guest DJ, but I didn’t like the music. But since many people love it, I think it’s worthy putting it here in the schedule. The guest DJ of this edition is Mr. Mendel, from Netherlands.

What time? 10pm-8am.
Where? Secret spot, to be released on the day of the event.
How muchR$20 in advance or R$40 at the door (only in cash) 


Festa LIVE
Rock party, with live music and DJs in betweens. 

What time? 9pm-03:30am.
Where? Pura Vida Hostel – Rua Saint Roman, 20, Copacabana.
How much? Friends list (until midnight): R$20. After midnight or without name: R$40

Pool party.

What time? 3pm-3am.
Where? Casa da Gloria: Ladeira da Gloria, 98.
How much? 20 reais pra quem confirmar presença no evento do Facebook.

Forro do Kiko
Forro is a Brazilian typical genre, usually to dance together in couples. I think you will like it! And this forro will be inside a beautiful house in Santa Teresa! 

What time? 9pm-3am.
Where? Casa Alto Lapa Santa -Rua Joaquim Murtinho, 654, Santa Teresa.
How much? R$20 on friends list or R$25 without name.

The Funk
Brazilian funk/trap/hip hop  and other black music genres. It will be a street party, at Rua do Ouvidor (Ouvidor St).

What time? 10:30pm -05am.
Where? Rua do Ouvidor, Centro (Downtown)
How much? Free

Minha luz é de LED
It’s one of my favourite Carnival blocos, and they will throw an edition at Casa Coletiva, a big house in Santa Teresa with swimming pool. Go with swim-wear, LED accessories and enjoy a different party. On the music section, go with your mind open too. They play a little bit of everything: from electronic music to Brazilian songs.


What time? 11pm-06am.
Where? Casa Coletiva – Rua Dr. Julio Otoni, 194, Santa Teresa.
How much? R$10 in advance (limited). Here.

Tributo Bob Marley
Show de reggae, em homenagem ao eterno Bob Marley.

What time? 11pm-06am.
Jazz’In Champanheria: Rua Sacadura Cabral, 
How much? 4o lote – 39 reais. Here.

Bless e Kilario
Festa de reggae e afins (Bless) e de musica black (Kilario) se juntam para fazer um festão no alto do Vidigal. Fique ate de manha e veja um nascer do sol que vai te renovar a alma!

What time? 11pm06am.
Where? Hostel Alto Vidigal, Rua Armando Almeida Lima, 02, Mirante do Arvrão, Vidigal.
How much? With name on the listR$25 til  01am and R$30 after 01am.

SUNDAY, 15 Jan

Manda descer, eh Carnaval
With Trombloco, new brass band Carnival bloco.

What time? 6pm-1am. 
Where? Praça Santo Cristo.
How much? Free!

Festa de reggae nas Ruinas, um sobrado com cara de abandonado na Praça Tiradentes. Essa edição vai ter um artista convidado (Rebel Layonn), do Haiti.

What time? 6pm-1am.
Where? Ruinas – Praça Tiradentes, 75.
How much? Free from 6pm to 7pm. From 7pm to 9pm, R$ 10 and after R$ 20.

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