Schedule – 18 to 20 Nov

FRIDAY, 18 Nov

1. MOO / Finalmente / Minha Luz é de LED estrela


One of the best Carnival blocks in Rio, where everyone goes in colours, glitter and LED shining. <3 Last week, I went to their party and the DJ killed it! Go ready to listen a little bit of everything, but mostly POP. But if you for any reason don’t like it, don’t worry: there will be two other parties on this great nightclub in Rio, both of electronic music. Check out this rooftop! (photo)

What time? 11pm-07am.
Where? Boiler – Rua da Carioca, 74, Downtown.  Next to Praça Tiradentes.
How much? R$20 in advance or on the list until midnight and R$35 no list or after midnight. 

2. Manie Dansante


Electronic music party with circus performers at the streets. Please, don’t leave Rio without going to a street party! 

What time? 11:30pm-08:30am.
Where? For now, the venue is a secret. They will release this information only in the day, through FB event.
How much? Free!

3. Festa Labirinto
DJ Dan Lucas, straight from London playing the finest of Deep House, Soul, latin rhytims, World beats, techno and much more! 

the maze rio
What time? 10pm-04am.
Where? The Maze *- Rua Tavares Bastos, Catete.
How much? R$15 in advance or R$20 at the door.

* The Maze takes place in Tavares Bastos community, in Catete. It is a very safe community, but its worth to point out. To go up, take the vans that leaves from the corner of Tavares Bastos Street and Street Bento Lisboa, very close to the Catete metro station. To come down, it is possible to go by foot.

4. Samba da Lua Cheia

Samba with this humble view, what do you think?


What time? 10pm-05am.
Where? FM Hall – Av. Almirante Silvio de Noronha, 365, Downtown. Rooftop Bossa Nova Mall, next to Santos Dumont Airport.
How much? 2º batch – 50 reais.

5. Bebete Vambora
Alternative party, of Brazilian music and rock, with welcome caipirinha for the first 100. 

What time? 11pm-06am.
Where? Gafieira Elite 
How much? R$ 15 in advance e R$ 20 with name on the list til midnight. R$ 30 no list or after midnight. 


1. Aniversário do Prata Preta
Samba and cold beer. Really authentical local experience, believe me!

What time? 4pm-11:30pm.
Where? Praça da Harmonia, Saúde
How much? Free!

2. Clássika

Brand new party of Pura Vida Hostel, release edition! Considering all other parties they throw, I’m sure there are good things coming up! 


What time?  10pm-03:30am.
Where? Pura Vida Hostel – Rua Saint Roman, 20, Copacabana.
How much? Until 11pm – women free and men R$ 20. After, women R$ 10 and men R$ 30.

3. Baile Black Bom no CCBB
Party in the outside area of the museum CCBB, with band Consciência Tranquila, Baile Black Bom, dance performances and special guests. The main genre is black music and its subgenres!
What time? 11pm-04am.
Where? CCBB – Rua Primeiro de Março, Centro. 
How much? Free, with passwords on the venue by arrival order. From what I’ve heard of previous editions, it get packed and a little confusing because of the passwords. Ideally, you better get there early or have a back-up plan! The place can receive up to 800 people. 

4. Jardim Suspenso
Art exhbition, with performers, interventions and lots of music! Full schedule is available in the FB event!

What time? 4pm-4am.
Where? Morro da Babilônia, Leme.
How much? Free!

5. MUG
Brazilian music new party. I’ve never been there yet, but I’ve heard good things about it!

What time? 11pm-06am.
Where? Topo do Rio: Rua Conselheiro Saraiva, 20, Centro.
How much? R$20 all night long.

6. Kilariô
Black party, where you will hear a lot of afrobeat, hip-hop, charme and reggae! It’s on Antonieta, a relatively new events house right in the middle of Lapa.


What time? 11pm-06am.
Where? Antonieta – Av. Mem de Sá, 104, Lapa.
How much? R$10in advance. At the door, on the list R$ 15,00 til midnight and R$ 20,00 after. R$ 30,00 no list.

7.La Cumbia
Cumbia and other latin rhytims party!
What time? 11pm-04am.
Where? Rua do Ouvidor, esquina com Rua do Mercado, Centro.
How much? Free!

SUNDAY, 20 Nov

1. DigitalDubs
Party of black music and all its genders of finest quality. About the venue: one of the brand new event spaces of Rio, at Praça Tiradentes! I’ve been there last week and enjoyed it a lot. It’s like an abandonned and ruined house, full of open-air spaces! Check it out: 

What time? 6pm-11:30pm.
Where? Praça Tiradentes, 75, Downtown.
How much? These info are not released yet, but I believe it will be either free or R$10/R$20, no máximo.

2. Hey Joe
Party of Brazilian Music, rock, Hip Hop, Black, Funk, Pop, Forró, Trap…

What time? 5pm-02am.
Where? Espaço XV – Arco do Teles | Praça XV
How much? Free!


3. Trilha Parque Lage – Corcovado
The trail is relatively heavy (+- 2h), better suited for those who are already used to do trails. Other recommendations on FB’s event!
What time? 09am.
Address: Meeting point at Parque Lage (Rua Jardim Botânico).
Prices: R$25,00 for the guides + tickets to Christ.


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