Schedule 19 to 22 Jan

The summer is here, Carnival is close and the schedule is huge! Many cool things to do in Rio: the hardest part will be to decide which one to attend.


Festa: Baile do Ouvidor 
Free party in Ouvidor Street: classic! It always gets packed, but just a side note: according to the producers, it will play Brazilian funk, hip hop, pop, trap, dubstep, reggae, rap, among other things. I’m a very eclectic person, but I usually prefer to hear different music styles in different events, not in the same. But who knows, let’s see what comes out of this blend.

What time? 11pm– 5:30am
Where? Rua do Ouvidor, Centro (Downtown).
How much? Free, but they ask people to buy drinks in the official bars of the event so they can keep doing it 🙂 

Festa: Finalmente 
Carnival pool party! Don’t forget your swim-wear, because with this heat it would be torturing not to enter in the pool. In the line-up, a DJ which played on Burning Man and TechnoBrass, a brass band which blends with electronic music (I’m curious) and other things. 

What time?  11pm – 6am
Where? Rua Prefeito João Felipe, 31, Laranjeiras/Santa Teresa*.
How much? Free til midnight (with names on the FB event wall) and R$35 after midnight or without list.

* About the venue: I admit I don’t know how this area is now, in terms of safety. In doubt, share a cab/Uber with your friends and watch out  🙂

FestaCharme Quinta Black
Black music party. I don’t know this party, but seems good!

What time? 7pm-04am.
Where? Cordão do Bola Preta: Rua da Relação, 3, Lapa.
How much? R$ 10,00 – with name on the list until 9pm and R$ 15,00 – without name on the list or after 9pm.

Show: Casuarina
Samba group Casuarina presents in Imperator, concerts house in Meier with a skate ramp. 

What time? 9pm-11pm.
Where? Imperator: Rua Dias da Cruz, 170, Méier.
How much? 2º lote: R$ 60 (full) e R$ 30 (half). Tickets here.

FRIDAY, 20 Jan

Festa: The Maze
Festa Labirinto atThe Maze, one of my favorite places in Rio. The picture helps to understand why is so! 

the maze rio

What time? 10pm- 04am
Where? The Maze*: Rua Tavares Bastos, 414/66, Catete
How much? R$ 15 with name on the list (until 11pm), or in advance here and R$ 25 without name.

* The Maze takes place in Tavares Bastos community, in Catete. It is a very safe community, but its worth to point that out. To go up, take the vans that leaves from the corner of Tavares Bastos Street and Street Bento Lisboa, very close to the Catete metro station. Any doubts, ask anyone wearing limon-green vests: they are staff of The Maze. To come down, it is possible to go by foot.

Bloco/show: Amigos da Onça
One of the most exciting Carnival blocos in Rio will take over Circo Voador this friday, along with special guests and DJs in betweens.

What time? 10pm- 03am.
Where?  Circo Voador – Rua dos Arcos s/n, Lapa
How much?  2º batch: R$ 40 (half) e 3º batch: R$ 50 (half). Tickets here.

Fuerza Bruta 

The performance-spectacle Fuerza Bruta arrives in Rio for the very first time. It has no seats, as you will stand up during the show. Besides, you will be asked to move around the space and participate. They use light effects, water and fog, so they recommend to use casual clothes.

And the best part is that after the event, only in this Friday, it will have an after party by BlackHaus. Tickets are R$90 (half) and you can stay for the party. Expensive, but I think it’s worth the experience! 

What time? 10pm- 06am.
Where? Metropolitan:  Av. Ayrton Senna, 3000 – Shopping Via Parque – Barra da Tijuca
How much? R$90, half. Tickets here

Bloco: Sereias da Guanabara 
Carnival bloco which has as a theme mermaids and the universe of waterfalls and seas. It’s their first parade, so I don’t know how it’s like. 

What time? 4pm-10pm.
Where? Centro (Downtown): exact place yet to be announced.
How much? Free!

Party : Salve, Bahia
Party which honours the artists and rhytims from Bahia, in the Northeast of Brazil:  Novos Baianos, Bethania, Gal, Gil, Caetano,Raul Seixas, Tom Zé and others. 

What time? 7pm- 2am
Centro Cultural Memórias do Rio – Av. Gomes Freire, 289, Lapa
How much? 
R$10 with name on the list and R$15 without name. 


Conexão Haiti-Brasil 
The idea is to promote a connection between Haiti and Brasil, with live music by Rebel Layonn (reggae). There will be also tents selling typical foods and beverages from Haiti. The event is a initiative of Haiti Aqui, organization that supports refugees from Haiti in Brasil. 

What time? 12h-6pm.
Where? Parque das Ruínas, Santa Teresa.
How much? Free!

Vamo ET

Image may contain: night and text
Another pool party at Casa Coletiva, this time with the carnival bloco Vamo ET.  Yes, they have an ET giant toy. If you want to see how nightlife in Rio can be different and crazy, just go! 

What time? 10pm-06am.
Where? Casa Coletiva: Rua Dr. Júlio Otoni, 194, Santa Teresa.
How much? 10 reais til midnight. 15 after.

O som da praia 

Foto: @lu_binsfeld

I’ve talked about this on Instagram (@blogwheninrio – follow me there!) yesterday, but I will talk about it here too. The sun may not set in the ocean in Leme/Copacabana, but the late afternoon in there is underrated! Besides the amazing colors in the sky – the picture won’t let me lie -, every now and then cool events take place in Leme. One of them is O Som da Praia, with one artist per Saturday during summer. This Saturday is the reggae band Ponto de Equilíbrio!
But attention: from what I’ve seen on the Facebook event, I think it can get packed! 

What time? 5pm-8pm. Live music from 6pm.
Where? Mureta do Leme.

How much? Free!

Roberta Sá 
Free show of the great brazilian artist Roberta Sá, with the scenario of Ipanema. It starts 7:30pm, but from 5pm it has already a DJ playing. I think it may get crowded!

What time? 5pm– 10pm.
Where? Ipanema Beach: Av. Vieira Souto, altura do nº. 606, Posto 10.
How much? Free!

Baile da Sorte 
Viemos do Egyto, New Kids on the Bloco, Minha Luz é de Led,  bateria da escola – A.R.E.S. Vizinha Faladeira e festa SOPA. Carnival in double dose, since there are street carnival  blocos and a samba school together. Interesting, at least!

What time? 10pm-07am.
Quadra da Vizinha Faladeira – Rua Da Gamboa, 345
How much?
 Attending on the FB event: 10pm- midnight: free! Midnight- 01am > R$10,00. 01am- 06am > R$20. In advance- R$15.

Samba da Ouvidor

Samba da Ouvidor is back, baby <3

What time? 04:30pm-10:30pm.
Rua do Ouvidor corner with Rua do Mercado, Centro (Downtown).
How much?
Free, but tip the musicians! 

Cadê Tereza
5 years of the party Cadê Tereza, which plays the best of Brazilian music. Free shots (tequila and Brazilian Cachaça) and stand to have a glitter make-up! 

What time? 11pm- 06am.
Where? Gafieira Elite: Rua Frei Caneca, 4 – Centro (Downtown).
How much? R$ 20 – lista amiga entre 23h e 00:30h (Facebook ou e-mail). R$ 25 – sem lista/após 00:30h

La Cumbia 
Latin music party to dance a lot in a cool place. It’s a building in ruins, with a good open-air space! But still it can get packed, since it’s free and this party is famous here.

What time? 11pm- 06am.
Where? Ruínas: Praça Tiradentes, 75, Centro (Downtown).
How much? Free til 01am or R$20 with 3 drinks included (beer, sodas, catuaba, caipirinha or water). R$20 neat from 1am. 

SUNDAY, 22 Jan

Jazz em Santa Teresa
Never been, it seems a new event! Its going to be at Hotel Santa Teresa, super fancy. I admit I don’t know how it’s going to be like, if at the tables or not. If so, you will probably have to order something, and the bar is a bit expensive. I also think this time is not good, super early. 4pm is still sunny and hot, but… it’s worth mentioning anyway! 

What time? From 4pm.
Where?  Bar dos Descasados: Rua Felício dos Santos, 15, Santa Teresa.
How much? Free!



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