Schedule – 9 to 11 Dec

Summer is almost here. And the city is electric, more than ever! To refresh from the heat, two festivals of craft beers. There are also a lot of good parties and other events! 

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estrela – highlighted events, that I find particularly good. 

OBS: if it rains, you better confirm in the Facebook event if the party is still on, specially on open-air venues. 

All weekend long

Cervejeresa estrela
First event of this gender in the neighborhood! The main producers of craft beers here of Rio are spreading throughout bars and restaurants of Santa Teresa. The idea is that the public is able to taste different taps, along with appetizers and main dishes of the hosting establishment, such as Cafe do Alto, Espirito Santa and Aprazível. The menu and the map where which brewery will be is in this  link. For example, small chopps starting from R$6,00 to taste with appetizers like mini-mix of German sausages in Adega do Pimenta for R$27,50. 

Want another tip? Go there on Saturday and go to Santa Feira Criativa, at Parque das Ruinas. From 10am to 6pm, with fashion fair, DJs and excellent views. 

What time? 12pm – 9pm.
Where? Several points along Santa Teresa. Reference point: Largo dos Guimarães.
How much? Free!cofre-porquinho1

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FRIDAY, 09 Dec

Brazilian Groove
Brazilian music party, at the streets! 

What time? From 8pm to..
Aonde? Bar do Nanam – Rua Imperatriz Leopoldina, close to Praça Tiradentes.
How much? Free! cofre-porquinho1

Baile da Pesada + Kilariô  estrela
Two parties of black music together. You will hear:  festas de música black. Você vai ouvir: afrobeat, hip-hop, reggae and maybe even our local funk. About the venue, it’s a big house with great view and pool. 10 people live in there in a community. They have many social projects and the idea of the events is to make a revenue to these projects and also to the maintenance costs of the house, but non-profit. 

What time? From 11pm.
Where? Casa Coletiva – Rua Dr. Júlio Otoni, 194, Santa Teresa.
How much? With name on the list, free until midnight, R$10 til 01am and R$20 after 01am. cofre-porquinho1

Erasmus e Maracangalha
The exchange students party Erasmus get together with the brazilian music party Maracangalha. As a result, a very eclectic dancefloor, with brazilian rhytims by Maracangalha and lots of rock, Indie, World Music, Pop, Latino and our local Funk by Erasmus.

What time? From 11pm.
Where? Espaço Éden – Rua Sacadura Cabral, 109 
How much? With name on the list: R$20 til midnight / R$25 after. Without name  R$25 til midnight/ R$30 after.

Rap party, as part of a festival of this genre. The venue is brand new, so I don’t know it. But seems cool!

What time? From 10pm.
Where? OPS – Rua dos Inválidos, 204A, Lapa.
How much? R$10, special price for those confirmed in the event / R$20 all night long with name on the list.



Baile Black Bom
This event promotes the valuation of black culture and their editions are always packed, usually at Pedra do Sal. This time, it will be at Praça Mauá. 

What time? 16h-23h.
Where? Praça Mauá
How much? Free! cofre-porquinho1

-> How about taking a full day for surroundings of Praça Mauá? Check this post.

Manda descer, é Carnaval
I always say Rio is an endless Carnival. If you’re not going to be here in February, you can have a taste of it by going to this event.

What time? 2pm -11pm.
Where? Praça Santo Cristo.
How much? Free! cofre-porquinho1

Monkey’s Music Festival estrela
Music and craft beer festival by local brand Three Monkeys Beer at the brand new rock bar in town <3

What time? From 3pm to… 
 About the venue, check: Jack Daniels Rock Bar.
How much? Free! cofre-porquinho1

Festa LIVE estrela
Last 2016 edition of the rock party at Pura Vida Hostel. The party, as the name suggests, has live music and DJ in betweens. The hard things is to decide whether to stay in the dancefloor dancing or chatting in this pleasant deck.
OBS: Its worth arriving early to enjoy open bar of beer and caipirinhas during the first hour of the party. 


What time? 9pm-03:30am.
Where? Pura Vida Hostel – Rua Saint Roman, 20, Copacabana.
How much?  On friends list R$20 til midnight and R$40 no list or after midnight. 

SUNDAY, 11 Dec

LGBT Parade 
Self-explanatory. One more edition of one of the biggest parades in honor to the LGBT rights. 

What time? From 1pm.
Where? Praia de Copacabana, Posto 5.
How much? Free! cofre-porquinho1

Festival Botica estrela
Brass bands and forro – brazilian typical genre-, in this scenario!  Largo do Boticário is like getting into a time machine, seriously. Check out these colorful and charming houses! 

Edit: unfortunately the festival was postponed to the next Sunday (18 Dec) due to the rain forecast.

Foto: Time Out

What time? From 9am to 9pm.
Where? Largo do Boticário, Cosme Velho.
How much? Free! cofre-porquinho1

I hope you enjoy the most out of Rio!  Don’t hesitate on asking me anything by email or through the comments!

Fundadora do projeto, a Manu é carioquíssima e completamente apaixonada pelo Rio. Lugar preferido: não tem, mas ela se arrepia toda no samba da Pedra do Sal e recarrega as energias no fim de tarde do Arpoador.
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