where to eat in rio

Where to eat in Rio: Seu Vidal and its inventive sandwiches

If you’re wondering where to eat in Rio, Seu Vidal, sandwiche store in Copacabana, is a great option for an afternoon meal. I’ve been there and I wanted to share my impressions.

First of all, I was delighted by the nice treatment they give to the clients, since the owners (father and son) take care of them in person. They have a laidback atmosphere, mostly attended by young people. The menu is also amazing: we’ve ordered pão de queijo pizza (R$25) and pão de queijo sandwiche with Parma and Brie (R$25).

where to eat in rio
Picture: Seu Vidal official Facebook page

About the pizza, it’s more eccentric than actually amazing, especially after the third slice. If you’ve got company, you better ask for something else and share both. But the parma, OMG, seriously… One of the best l ever had. It’s the kind of recipe that I thought at first “hmm, not sure about it…”. But when I’ve tried, I instantly reminded why gastronomy is, indeed, an art.

where to eat in rio

👉 The master tip is to go on weekends, when they offer a menu with 3 mini sandwiches for R$25.

Seu Vidal Sanduicheria
Rua Ronald de Carvalho, 275, Copacabana.
Nearby subway station: Cardeal Arcoverde.
Closed on Mondays.

Fundadora do projeto, a Manu é carioquíssima e completamente apaixonada pelo Rio. Lugar preferido: não tem, mas ela se arrepia toda no samba da Pedra do Sal e recarrega as energias no fim de tarde do Arpoador.
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