Shop guide around Saara

Shop guide around Saara

Saara is a region in the Center that has many stores, and it’s perfect to buy Carnival accessories and costumes. But where exactly?

Shop guide around Saara

How to get there:
Subway station: Uruguaiana.

Saara has 3 main streets (Alfândega, Senhor dos Passos and Buenos Aires), not to mention the little streets in between, and almost infinite number of stores which looks pretty much the same. So it’s really common to get there and feel a bit lost. That’s why I made this guide: 

First things first…

You can wear the most beautiful costume ever, but still you will need a lot of GLITTER! There’s a place where you can buy per weight! Yep, that’s right.  But actually the ideal is to buy PURPURINA, instead of glitter. Glitter it’s more for decorating objects, not to use on face and body. Also, glitter doesn’t stick to the skin so much and it can even stratch more sensitive skins. 

Shop guide around Saara

In this store there are some different kinds of purpurina that I don’t see anywhere else, like the holographic purpurinas. At first sight, it might seem it’s the same thing. But believe me: it’s not:


And the best thing is that is not even in Saara, it’s closer to Praça Tiradentes actually. So its not so crowded! 

* Downside is that the minimum amount to EACH KIND of purpurina is 50g. It may seem it’s not much, but those little pots has 2g! Price range for this amount varies from R$9 to R$15, deppending on the type. So go with a friend or a group and share, otherwise you will spend more and will have enough for at least 5 Carnivals, hahaha.

             Resultado de imagem para icone localização Address: Babado da Folia – Rua da Constituição, 37.

OK, but what about the rest?


To make your own costume, Saara has many awesome stores. This same store which sells purpurina, Babado da Folia, has fabrics, strips and many other cool materials. The only problem is that most of this stores sells it on big bags. 

But I’ve found out a discreet store, which is also a paradise for those who like these things and they sell it on smaller amounts, even per unit if you want! 

Shop guide around Saara

               Resultado de imagem para icone localizaçãoAddress: Hot Fashion – Rua da Alfândega, 373.


Many people get frustrated when go to Saara, because don’t find cool ornaments. I’ve noticed that the Carnival industry simply does not inovate. Every year, the exact same things. Minnie headbands, pirates hats, princess crowns, etc. Once in a while you can actually find some unusual things, and one of them is Super Festas:

                                    Resultado de imagem para icone localização Super Festas – R. Gonçalves Ledo, 70

You better have creativity to customize or buy handmade accessories, made by some brands such as @flordefevereirorj and @sassaricandoacessorios (Instagram). 

For bijous, there are a looot of big cheap stores. Some has promotions like everything for the maximum price of R$3,00. Speaking of variety and quality, I like the store ‘Biju’. It’s a huge store, with good options and wholesale prices (6 equal pieces or 12 different). Again, it’s really worth going with a group! 

                                   Resultado de imagem para icone localização Biju: Rua da Alfândega, 213.

Ready-to-go costumes

Another common frustration: ready-to-go costumes are not so creative and are usually a bit expensive. So go with this in mind! 

But just so you know, the most traditional costumes stores are: 

Resultado de imagem para icone localização Lojas Silmer – R. da Alfândega, 171.

Resultado de imagem para icone localização Casa Turuna – Av. Passos, 122

If you have some money to spend (definitely not my case, hahaha), some brands such as Farm, Dress to, Cantão and Oh, Boy has special collections of Carnival (for women). It’s worth checking it out! 

 Safety issues:

– Saara it’s always crowded, so you are not going to be robbed, but maybe pickpocketed. Don’t bring valuable things with you beyond the essential, don’t carry anything in your back pocket and use your backpack in the front.

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