Special 100th Anniversary of Samba Schedule (01 to 04/12)

On December 2 is National Samba Day. And the samba, more than a Brazilian rhythm, is carioca (local from Rio). Its symbolic house is Pedra do Sal, the meeting point of samba artists since slavery times. Whenever I go there, I feel a very strong energy and it is one of my favorite places in Rio!

And this year the party is even bigger, because it’s the 100th birthday! Celebrations are spread all over the city, so the schedule for this weekend is a special one for the Samba Centennial.

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pandeiro-1Events that are part of the Samba Centennial schedule!
cofre-porquinho1 events for free!

THURSDAY, 01st Dec

A roda das rodas de sambapandeiro-1
To open the weekend of samba Centenary celebrations, a live open-air samba in Praça Mauá, in the region where it all began!
Where? Praça Mauá.
What time? From 5 p.m to midnight.
How much? For free. cofre-porquinho1

Two Concertina and an Orchestra
The birthday is from samba, but chorinho is also worth, right? A meeting between the Pro Art Orchestra, made of young music students, together with the great accordionists Marcelo Caldi and Kiko Horta. The fresh blood mixing with experience works very well!
Where? Casa do Choro – Rua da Carioca, 38, Centro (Downtown).
What time? From 6:30 p.m.
How much? R$ 15 (half) and R$30 (full)

Rio Novo Rock
Two rock bands, DJ in betweens, videoprojections and released skate ramp.
Where? Imperator Centro Cultural João Nogueira – Rua Dias da Cruz, 170 – Méier.
What time? From 8pm.
How much? R$ 5 in the friend list. R$ 20 (full) and R$ 10 (half) *
* Half-entry also valid with 1kg of non-perishable food.

FRIDAY, 02nd Dec

Samba Wheel of Pedra do Sal pandeiro-1


Every second and every Friday, there is a traditional samba at Pedra do Sal. This Friday, in particular, is a good opportunity to go, because of the Samba Centennial celebrations I’ve mentioned. But attention: it gets very packed.
Where? Pedra do Sal – Rua Argemiro Bulcão, Saúde.
What time? From 6pm.
How much? For free!  cofre-porquinho1

Foundation ART
Electronic music and art performances. Seems good!

Where? Avenida Cidade de Lima, 82, Santo Cristo.
What time? 10pm-09am.
How much? On the list, til 01am FREE, 01am to 02am R$ 20,00, 02am to 03am: R$ 30,00, and from 03am and on R$ 50,00. Without name on the list: R$ 50 all night long.

Bagaceira is a party with the proposal of playing those old and cheesy songs, but that everyone knows how to sing and loves it, such as Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and many others. There will be also a lot of old brazilian songs that you will probably not know the lyrics, but you should have fun anyway!

About the venue: Espaço Rampa, with a open-air space and a beautiful view to the Guanabara Bay. They also offer boat service for 10 reais to enjoy it the most.

Where? Espaço Rampa –Avenida Repórter Nestor Moreira, 42, Botafogo.
What times? 11pm-06am.
How much?
 In advance R$25 in this link, friends list R$30 until midnight and R$35 between midnight and 1am or R$40 regular (no list or after 1am).

Train of the Samba pandeiro-1
Every year, on the national day of the Samba, the Samba Train departs from the Central Station of Brazil towards Oswaldo Cruz. In each car, a different samba group. Full schedule is here. I always wanted to go, but either I had a commitment or I was lazy (I admit, hahaha). This year I’ve already decided that I’m going anyway, because, after all, the CENTENNIAL edition has everything to be historical. And, of course, those who already know me, I’m crazy about different things, so a samba inside a train cuts the line with top priority among the thousand things happening here do on Saturday. 


Where? Departure point is Central do Brasil.
What time? First train leaving at 06:20pm and last at 07:20pm.
How much? Free! cofre-porquinho1

Ocupação Tiradentes Cultural 
Monthly occupation always held on the first Saturday in Praça Tiradentes, with music, gastronomy and circus workshops. The event is all collaborative and seeks the cultural occupation of public space and the revitalization of the area. The whole schedule is in the event, but I highlight the Virtual Block, one of the best blocks of Carnival here in Rio, at 7pm and the 100th anniversary commemoration of the samba with the Sururu na Roda group and guests at 8pm.

Where? Praça Tiradentes, Centro (Downtown).
What time? 2pm-9pm.
How much? Free!

Circuito Interno Bhering
The place is an old factory of chocolat, and nowadays is hosting many art studios. Every first Saturday of the month, they open their doors for the public, and it is possible to know the work from the local artists. Don’t miss visiting the terrace: the sight is wonderful.


Where? Bhering – Rua Orestes, 28, Santo Cristo.
What time? 12:00am – 8pm.
How much? cofre-porquinho1 

Fair: Malha

Foto: I Hate Flash

Malha  is one of those places difficult to categorize. But I will try: it is a sustainable, collaborative, local and independent fashion collective. As in let’s stop giving money to Zara?
And in the event of Saturday, the fair will have several independent brands, both women and men fashion, accessories, shoes, art and decoration. In addition, there will also be several DJs, customization workshops and even an animal adoption fair!

Where? Rua General Bruce, 274 – São Cristóvão.
What time?
How much?
For free. 

Party: O/NDA
An electronic music party that is almost a rave, which goes on practically as long as there are people dancing. The last one went until noon, hahaha… And, well, I think it’s worth a line explaining that even though I’m not an huge electronic music fan, I changed my mind a while ago, especially after going to parties like Manie Dansante and O/NDA. Their sound is experimental, mad, very good to hear. It is worth checking!

Where? Venue will be released only on Saturday, in the Facebook event.
What time? 10pm-12am.
How much? Free, but they accept contributions!

Party: Me gusta
That moment when you are invited to the 6-year event of a party you never been to, hahaha. I swear I wanted to have copies of myself so I could go to many places, but while this technology is not released (hey, Black Mirror writers: good idea for an episode, huh! Hahahaha), I get info with little green birds 🙂
My friend Roberta invited me and assured its good stuff. The music style is electronic (Deep House e Techno underground), in this same experimental vibe of O/NDA.
The place will be released on the day, but it is in the Center.
What time?
 8pm – 7am.
How much?
For free, but they kindly ask to consume in their bar!

Party: Prepare for coming
Another edition of the party produced by Casa Coletiva in the Ruins of Praça Tiradentes. I went once and I loved it. At the line-up, live music by Mulheres de Buço (I don’t know them, can’t recommend) and DJs of Batekoo – party of black rhythms like hip hop and funk – and of Minha Luz é de LED – carnival bloco that plays a little bit of everything, From Brazilian axe to Led Zeppelin, according to them!
About the place: one of the newest event venues in Rio, in Praça Tiradentes! It’s like a ruined house, all open-air. I really liked the vibe. Take a look:

praça tiradentes_75

Party: PseudoCult

festa pseudocult rio de janeiro

I love this party! Check it out: it is an alternative party that becomes a pop/old songs party throughout the night. Which means, you start heating  by “cult” artists (brazilian and international ones), goes to light songs such as Bruno Mars, and when you see it, you will be dancing a lot to the sound of old and cheesy songs!  There will be also a lot of old brazilian songs that you will probably not know the lyrics, but you should have fun anyway!

SUNDAY, 04 Dec

Arlindo Cruz at the Fair of the Yabás
Yabás is a word that symbolizes the female orishas and the matriarchs. This event takes this name because brings together, in addition to samba and cold beer, 16 tents of women from Madureira who prepare recipes of Afro-Brazilian gastronomy. Look how cute they are <3 


Every second Sunday of the month, but this one is special because of the Centennial of Samba. A great and well-known Brazilian artist called Arlindo Cruz will be presenting!
Where? Praça Paulo Portela, Oswaldo Cruz.
What time? 13h-20h.
How much? For free. 

Small Breweries Fair
Fair to promote small and local breweries from Rio. I loved this initiative! And if you never ate Comuna burgers, take this opportunity to taste one of the best in town!
What time? 11am-5pm.
Where? Comuna: Rua Sorocaba, 585, Botafogo.
How much? Free entrance.

Fundadora do projeto, a Manu é carioquíssima e completamente apaixonada pelo Rio. Lugar preferido: não tem, mas ela se arrepia toda no samba da Pedra do Sal e recarrega as energias no fim de tarde do Arpoador.
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