What to do in Rio (02 to 05 Feb)

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– Special events in honor to Iemanjá.

cofre-porquinho1– Free * or really cheap events!

* But remember to tip in to the hat so they can keep doing it! 


Forró de Rabeca 
Forró de Rabeca at Praia do Leme, in honor to Iemanjá.  Reeschuled to the next Thursday due to the rain forecast.

What time? 5pm-10pm.
Where? Pedra do Leme,
How much? Free!

Forró do Reboco 
São Salvador is a super local spot. No big deal: just a square where young people gather to have a beer. But sometimes there are some music events in there, to make it even better. One of these is this free forró (typical Brazilian music genre).
If it rains, it will be transferred to Reboco das Artes, right next to it (Travessa Euricles de Matos, 40)

What time? 8pm-10pm.
Where? Praça São Salvador, Flamengo.
How much?  Free!

Pepsi Twist Land
Concert of great Brazilian artists and music groups, such as Nação Zumbi, Gilberto Gil e Jorge Mautner + DJ Nepal – Nep’s Got Soul + Dream Team do Passinho playing The Jackson 5.

What time? 9pm-05am.
Where? Marina da Glória
How much? R$50 (half) – first batch.

Celebração Iemanjá 
Traditional procession in honor to Iemanjá.

What time? 09:30am-10:30pm.
Where? Route: Cais do Valongo, Boulevard Luiz Paulo Conde, Praça Mauá and Praça dos Estivadores, in front of Afoxé at Rua Camerino where they will remain until night.
How much? Free!

FRIDAY, 03 Feb

Bloco pra Iaiá
Thematic Carnival bloco of Los Hermanos, a Brazilian band along with DJs from the party Pista Libre playing all the best of Brazilian music, Soul, Indie and rock.

What time? 10pm-04am.
Where? Cordão do Bola Preta: Rua da Relação, 03, Centro (Downtown).
How much? R$30.

Manda descer, é Carnaval 
Pre-Carnival feelings: Trombloco + Oficina do Estratégia.

What time? 10pm-04am.
Where? Quadra do Fala Meu Louro (Santo Cristo) 
How much? R$5

Brazilian music party presents a Carnival edition in the pool. 

What time? 11pm-05am.
Where? Casa Coletiva: Rua Dr. Júlio Otoni, 194, Santa Teresa.
How much? R$15 – in advance here or R$20 – at the door with name on the list.


Circuito interno 
Art gallery opens their doors to the public once in a month. Don’t miss going to the terrace, with stunning view from Portuary Region of Rio.

What time? Noon-10pm. 
Where? Fábrica Bhering: Rua Orestes, 28, Santo Cristo.
How much? Free!

Beer Veg 
Veggie food and craft beer festival.

What time? 4pm-11pm.
Where? Rua São Clemente, 446, Humaitá.
How much? Free!

Favela Brass 
If there’s anything better than a brass band, it’s a brass band made of cute kids! The event is a initiative of Favela Brass, which promotes social projects such as music and English classes in a community in Santa Teresa. If you want to know more about the project or help in any way, like their page here.

What time? 5pm-6pm.
Where? Arpoador.
How much? Free!

Party in honor to Iemanjá.

What time? 11pm-06am.
Where? Ruínas: Praça Tiradentes, 75, Centro.
How much? Free until midnight, with name 20 til 1am or in advance and 30 after 1am or without name. 

Bebete Vãobora
Brazilian music party.

What time? 11pm-06am.
Where? Gafieira Elite – Rua Frei Caneca, 04, Centro.
How much? R$ 15 here. At the door, R$ 20 with name on the list until midnight or R$30 without name or after midnight. 

Baile da Sorte 
Viemos do Egyto, New Kids on the Bloco, Minha Luz é de Led,  bateria da escola – A.R.E.S. Vizinha Faladeira e festa SOPA. Carnival in double dose, since there are street carnival  blocos and a samba school together. Interesting, at least!

What time? 10pm-07am.
Where? Quadra da Vizinha Faladeira: Rua da Gamboa, 345.
How much? With names, until midnight it’s free. From midnight to 1am, 10 reais and after 1am is R$20.

SUNDAY, 05 Feb

Bloco: Sereias da Guanabara
Second parade of this bloco, this time in honor to Iemanjá.

What time? 3pm-11pm.
Where? Centro (Downtown). Local específico só no dia. 
How much? Free!

Baile da Vida
Best DJs of Brazilian music parties in Rio gather to make a party together. All revenue will be donated to the treatment of a friend of them who’s in the hospital and has no conditions of paying for all expenses   <3

What time? 5pm-midnight.
Where? Espaço Jeito Carioca: Rua Riachuelo, 15, Centro.
How much? Til 8pm – R$ 10 donating 1kg of non-perishable food or R$15 without. After 8pm – R$15 donating 1kg of non-perishable food or R$20 without.

Brazilian Funk, miami, trap, dancehall.

What time? 6pm-01am.
Where? Ruínas: Praça Tiradentes, 75, Centro.
How much? Free!

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