What to do in Rio (09/23 to 09/25)

You wan’t to know what to do in Rio this weekend? There are so many good things going on that you wish you could multiply yourself to attend all these events!

FRIDAY, 23/09

1. Festival Rio Afora at Largo São Francisco da Prainha

Brazilian music festival! The event purpose is to show the cultural diversity of Brazil through music, dance and gastronomy. I think it will be really cool! 

Friday, 23 and Saturday,  24 of September, from 2pm to 10pm.

2. Carioquíssima Gourmet 

boulevard olimpico rio de janeiro
Foto: Ulysses Padilha

Art, gastronomy and music. It will happen all weekend long (friday, saturday and sunday), from 2pm to 8pm, at Olympic Boulevard, next to Praca Mauá. 

-> See here less trendy graffitis to visit in Boulevard.

3. Lagoa Bier Fest

Foodtrucks, craft beers and DJs. Its the fourth edition already and I still haven`t been there, so I only can say that it seems good! 

Where? Lagoa, in front of Parque da Catacumba.


4.  Baile do Bené e Bonde do Tigrão


Party of Brazilian funk. I don’t know if you will know many songs, but it will be fun! 

Price: 25 reais. Tickets here. If they don’t get sold out, it will be possible to buy at the door. 

5. Novo Romance / Rebola / Viemos do Egyto na Boiler


Price: 20 reais in advance or at the door until 12am and 30 reais after. 

Address: Rua da Carioca, 74, Centro (Downtown) – next to Praça Tiradentes. 

6. Bebete Vambora

Another classic of the alternative nightscene in Rio, the MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) parties at Gafieira Elite (Rua Frei Caneca, 04, Centro) are also a good option. Two big parties of this kind gather for the first time, so you dance a lot to the sound of great brazilian artists, such as Caetano Veloso, Jorge Ben, Tim Maia, and many others.  They also play international rock songs and the beer inside is sold in a fair price!

Oh, and Gafieira has a huge wall, full of beautiful pictures of icons of both Brazilian and International music. Take your picture too <3  If you put in Instagram, use the hashtag #iminrio so I can see and like it? 😀

OBS: the surroundings of Gafieira are kind of creepy at night. Share a taxi/Uber with your friends, ok?


1. Festival Rocky Spirit


Open-air movie festival <3 <3 <3 

Bring or rent a beach chair. Movies starts from 7pm, but at 5pm the Carnival bloco Orquestra Voadora – on Saturday -and the band Suricato – on Sunday – will make live music presentations! See you there? Posto 10, Ipanema.

2. Charme Olímpico with Melanina Carioca


Have you been already to Viaduto de Madureira? Every Saturday there is a party below a viaduct! The main genre is what we call charme, that is a kind of black music. In this place, usually there are a lot of people dancing in lines, so it’s easier to learn a few moves. 

3. Festa Balkanica 

Party of latin rhytims, with live music by the brass band Bagunço – great group that is a hit in Rio’s Carnival. Free entrance until 12:20am with name on the list, after R$ 10 with name on the list and without name is R$ 20. Where? Fundição Progresso (Rua dos Arcos, 24, Lapa)

* The party is going to happen in a new place: Ladeira de Santa Teresa, 06, Lapa. It’s actually pretty close to the previous. According to the producers in the event, its a yellow house with a balcony and a awesome view of the Arches. You need to go a bit up in the Rua Joaquim Silva, by the end of the Arches.

-> See more tips of what to do in Lapa here.

4. Primavera das Flores

1 year of the carnival bloco called “vem cá, minha flor.” Besides, the carnival group Céu na Terra, one of the best blocos of Rio, will perform, and you can sing in a karaokê.

R$25 with name on the list or wearing any flower stamp <3 and R$30 without, either way earning a shot of catuaba, rs. Never tried? It`s a brazilian typical drink. 

Address: Casarão Floresta (Ladeira dos Guararapes, 115, Cosme Velho).

5. Baile das Leoninas na Gafieira Elite

MPB party, gathering five big parties of this kind in Rio: Baile das Mina, Maracangalha, Baile de Esquerda, Reconvexo and Mistério do Planeta. 

Price: R$ 15 (with name on the list, until 1am) and R$ 25 (without name or after 1am)

I repeat my advice: the surroundings of Gafieira are kind of creepy at night. Share a taxi/Uber with your friends, ok?

7. Samba da Ouvidor 

From 5pm to 10pm, one of the best sambas in Rio. It’s free, in Rua do Ouvidor, almost in the corner with Rua do Mercado, in Centro (Downtown). 

SUNDAY, 25/09

1. Aulão aberto das oficinas dos Amigos da Onça

Free class of instruments, dance and costumes making!

Address: Praça Paris, Gloria, from 2pm to 5pm.

2. Festa Tupiniquim

The Festa Tupiniquim, a brazilian music party, will make an edition at Casa de Cultura Laura Alvim (Av, Vieira Souto, 176, Ipanema). It’s free! 😛  From 4pm to 10pm.

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