What to do in Rio (29 Sep to 02 Oct)


1. Opening of ArtRio and ArtRua

I told all the details of the schedule and explained the difference between the two in the post. But to sum up:
ARTRIO:  Modern  and contemporary art. Thursday to Saturday, from 1pm to 8pm; Sunday, from 1pm to 7pm, at Píer Mauá: Av Rodrigues Alves, 10
Entrance between warehouses 1 and 2. Buy online: R$ 30 / R$ 15 (half entrance)
ARTRUA:  Urban art. Thursday, from 6pm to midnight. Friday to sunday, from 2pm to 02am and parties starting from 6pm, at Rua Professor Pereira Reis, 76, Santo Cristo.

2.  Festival Praça Mahatma Gandhi – Surf Beats and Reggae

Way more than a foodtrucks festival.

Beyond the live music presentations, of the genres surf beats and reggae, the event is a initiative of the movement Rio ao Ar Livre (Rio open-air). Let’s support the cultural occupy of public spaces! 

Thursday (29/09) and Friday (30/09), from 12pm to 9pm.

3. Jazz Out – Banda Laranjeletric


Really good jazz band that I’ve already seen live in Festival do Porto, last  year. They are kind of groove and play a very lively music. The house opens at 7pm, and the concert goes from 8pm to 10pm.
Tickets: R$30,00 – only in cash. But what you consume at the bar you can pay in debit or credit card.
Address: Rua Riachuelo, 124, Lapa: Hotel Vila Galé, Espaço Vinicius de Moraes.

FRIDAY, 30 Sep


1. MOO na City Lab

-> I told all the details of the schedule of Art Rua and City Lab in this post

On Friday, it is the party MOO, of eletronic music, from 11pm, at Rua Professor Pereira Reis, 50, Santo Cristo. For free! 

2. Jazz do futuro

In a very casual and relaxed point, where it’s been happening a lot of parties. The one of this Friday is the jazz with the group Kosmo Coletivo Urbano and Eletrupiniquim. There are not many people confirmed in the event, but from what I’ve seen of this pleace, I think it will be good! For free, in the streets. Starts at 11pm and it will probably last until morning. 😛
Address: Rua Imperatriz Leopoldina, Centro. Reference point: Praça Tiradentes.

3. Batmakumba

Brazilian music party for free at Arco do Teles, next to Praça XV. From 11pm.

4. MAR de Música

For free, at MAR (Museum of Art of Rio), at Praça Mauá. Concert of the singer Mahmundi and party Disritmia (brazilian music)! It is early, from 6pm to 10pm. It is better to go early, since it usually gets packed.

5. Jazz do Castelo

For free, the group Quarteto Rua Jazz performs at Bar São Quim (Av. Churchill, 60, Castelo), with DJs in between.  From 6pm to 10pm!


1. Forró do Kiko

Forró do Kiko is a very good forró group and they will perform in a cool house in Santa Teresa, this Saturday, from 9pm – 3am!
Entrance: 20 reais in friends list through the wall of the event or 25 reais regular – only in cash.  But what you consume at the bar, you can pay in card. 

Address: Casa Alto Lapa Santa –  Rua Joaquim Murtinho, 654, Santa Teresa.  

2. Santa Reggae Music 

I’ve never been there, but seems good! Specially considering that we lack of reggae parties in Rio 🙁 But attention: it is a early party, goes from 4pm to 11:30pm.
Entrance: R$ 20,00 in advance or friends list  (send your full name to  whatsapp 21 99864-3434 or to e-mail estudiofamiliarasta@gmail.com) or R$ 25,00 regular.
Address: Ladeira do Castro, 165, Santa Teresa: close to Largo dos Guimarães.

-> See more tips of what to do in Santa Teresa in this post.

3. Botafood

Gastronomy, craft beers and music.
Saturday and Sunday, from 1pm to 10pm. Address: Rua Sorocaba, 436, Botafogo.

4. Tropicália

Brazilian music party at Gafieira Elite (Rua Frei Caneca, 04, Centro). As I told you before, it is a classic of the alternative nights in Rio! And I also already advised to be careful in surroundings of Gafieira, because there are not many people there at night 😉 Put your name in the list in the event to pay R$20 til 12:30am or R$25 after. It is R$30 if you don’t have name on the list.

5. Samba do Castelo

For free, the singer Chico Alves is going to lead a samba group at Bar São Quim (Av. Churchill, 60, Castelo), with DJs in between. From 4pm to 11pm!

6. Trap’in no City Lab

-> I told all the details of the schedule of Art Rua and City Lab in this post

On Saturday, the party is Trap’In, which plays trap and other kinds of eletronic music, hip-hop and trap-funk.  Check their Youtube channel to see if you like this kind of music.   From 11pm, at Rua Professor Pereira Reis, 50, Santo Cristo. FREE

SUNDAY, 02/10

Pirarucu Psicodélico


From 5pm to 9pm, at Largo das Neves, Santa Teresa. For free!

-> See more tips of what to do in Santa Teresa here.

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