What to do in Rio (06 to 09 Oct)


Rio novo Rock 

Two rock bands performing, DJs, VJ and a skate lane. From 8pm to midnight. 

Where? Imperator Centro Cultural João Nogueira (Rua Dias da Cruz, 170 – Méier)
Tickets: R$ 20 (full) e R$ 10 (half- students or bringing 1kg of food to donate)

Abertura do Festival do Rio

250 movies in 20 exhbition points around the city. All details on the schedule and tickets you find in the website.  

FRIDAY, 07 Oct

1. Jazz do Castelo

For free, the group Quarteto Rua Jazz performs at Bar São Quim (Av. Churchill, 60, Castelo), with DJ in betweens. From 6pm to 10pm. 

2. Black Santa no Viaduto

Photo: George Magaraia

Have you been already to Viaduto de Madureira? They throw parties below a viaduct.  The main genre of Black Santa is what we call charme, that is a kind of black music. In this place, usually there are a lot of people dancing in lines, so it’s easier to learn a few moves. From 10pm, and the tickets costs 20 reais. You can buy in advance here.
ddressEspaço Cultural Rio Charme – Rua Carvalho de Souza, s/nº (below Viaduto Negrão de Lima) – Madureira

3. Bagaceira

Bagaceira is a party with the proposal of playing those old and cheesy songs, but that everyone knows how to sing and loves it, such as Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls and many others. There will be also a lot of old brazilian songs that you will probably not know the lyrics, but you should have fun anyway!

Starting from 11pm, at Espaço Rampa, with a open-air space and a beautiful view to the Guanabara Bay. They also offer boat service for 10 reais to enjoy it the most.

espaço rampa-getlstd-property-photo
Foto: I hate Flash

Address: Avenida Repórter Nestor Moreira, 42, Botafogo.
Tickets: in advance R$25 in this link, friends list R$30 until midnight and R$35 between midnight and 1am or R$40 regular (no list or after 1am).

4. Lagoa Bier Fest

Foodtrucks, craft beers and DJs. ts the fourth edition already and I still haven`t been there, so I only can say that it seems good!
This friday, is from 6pm to 11pm. Saturday and Sunday, from 12:00 to 11pm. 

Where? Lagoa, in front of Parque da Catacumba.

5. Jazz no The Maze

the maze rio
Foto: Alexandre Macieira – Riotur

One of my favorite places in Rio! The picture helps to understand why. But I have to warn you: it gets packed! 

Price: R$ 50 before 11pm, R$ 60 after (entrance only in cash, but to consume it can be in credit or debit cards)

* The Maze takes place in Tavares Bastos community, in Catete. It is a very safe community, but its worth to point out. To go up, take the vans that leaves from the corner of Tavares Bastos Street and Street Bento Lisboa, very close to the Catete metro station. There are usually people wearing light green jackets with ‘the maze’ written on it, helping people to find the place. To come down, it is possible to go by foot.  

6. Falamansa na Lapa

Forró is a typical kind of brazilian music.  It`s usually for dancing together in couples, and it sounds really good. Falamansa is one of the most famous groups of this genre here in Brazil and will make a concert in Lapa.

Where? Lapa 40 graus (Rua Riachuelo, 97, Centro).
Tickets in advance in this link or names in the wall of the Facebook event to have a R$10 discount, until midnight. 


1. Viradão de Samba (!!!!!)

The Viradão do Samba is going to happen all around the city. 48 hours of samba, in points as: Mangueira, Renascença in Andaraí, Beco do Rato, Glória, Olaria, Parque de Madureira and, of course,  the place where street samba was born: Pedra do Sal.

Photo: Fernando Quevedo / Agência O Globo

The full schedule is the event, but there will be very special appearances of great sambists, such as Martinho da Vila (<3), Moacyr Luz, Pretinho da Serrinha, Roberta Sá and much more. For those who may not know how to dance, there is also workshops to learn. Another cool thing is the walking tour about samba history! Must-go! And everything is free

2. Arte de Portas Abertas

The traditional event in Santa Teresa will happen throughout the whole weekend. As the name suggests, the art offices of the neighbourhood opens their doors to the public. It is going to have live music, graffiti and open-air movie exhibitions. Some events will happen in parallel, such as the gastronomic Trocando em Miúdos, at Largo das Neves.

Restaurants also take place in the event, making art-inspired plates and with special prices. It is an excellent opportunity to explore the most charming neighbourhood in Rio, and, if you get lucky, go around in the bondinho (yellow tram). 

-> See more tips of how to walk around in Santa Teresa here.

3. Feira Rio Antigo

This is an special edition, celebrating the 20th Birthday of the Fair, with samba presentation and other activities. From 10am to 1pm, it will have capoeira angola (its a brazilian typical mix of dance with fight).

Address: Rua do Lavradio, Lapa.

4. Baile Black Bom

Just like Black Santa, the main genre is what we call charme, a kind of black music. Usually there are a lot of people dancing in lines, so it’s easier to learn a few moves. You will also listen to hip hop, and a cultural fair in honor to black culture willl happen. Their editions are always packed, usually at Pedra do Sal. For the second time, they will make an edition in Méier, at Imperator (Rua Dias da Cruz, 170 – Méier). From 6pm to midnight.

Tickets in advance in the link – first batch is10 reais!

5. Festa TRIP

The party TRIP is a meeting point for travellers, nomads and backpackers. In this birthday edition, they will celebrate at Pura Vida Hostel, a medieval house in the middle of Copacabana. 

Photo from the official site www.puravidahostel.com.br

The party begins at 9pm and its worthy to arrive early, since they offer one hour of free beer and barbecue! I don’t know all the DJ’s of the line-up, but the party is eclectic: the resident DJ of TRIP plays rock/pop and other kinds of lively songs, the guest DJ is from a big party of Brazilian Music and much more in the event. 

Tickets: in advance, cheaper, here or at the door R$35 until midnight and R$40 after. 

How to get there: O Hostel is at Rua Saint Roman, 20, Copacabana. It is the second house in the slope of Pavão Pavãozinho. It a 5-min walk from subway station General Osório, through the exit D (Sá Ferreira).

6. Rio Soul

In the terrace (Parking G5), of Rio Sul Mall, people from the Cluster will make the second edition of the event Rio Soul. Trade fair of clothing and objects and workshops. To listen, DJs and live music by Miraculoso Samba Jazz. For free, from 3pm to 10:30pm.

7. Reggae: Dezarie, ViaJah e Ponto de Equilíbrio

Three reggae bands presenting in Fundição Progresso (Rua dos Arcos, 24, Lapa), starting from 10pm.

You can buy online in the link and it costs R$50,00.

-> See more tips of things to do in Lapa in this post


SUNDAY, 09/10

1. Bagunço

Bagunço, a brass band that is a huge success in Carnaval, is going to make a concert this Sunday, from 7pm to midnight, at Audio Rebel (Rua Visconde Silva, 55, Humaitá). There will be special guests from other musical groups. The price is R$15,00. It is a small place, but it is a traditional point for reharsals, jam sessions and pocket shows here in Rio. 

2.  Coro Come

Gastronomical event promising variety of street foods, in the maximum price of R$ 20. Besides, it has music and other cultural attractions. 

From 12:00 to 9pm. Free entrance, at Aterro do Flamengo – Parque das Crianças. 

3. Pé de Samba com Samba do Xoxó

It is in my list, but I wasn’t able to go yet. It seems good, though! From 4pm to 11pm. 

Where? In the outside area of a big house in Humaitá (Rua São Clemente, 446). So, if it rains, the event will be cancelled. Check in the Facebook event because the weather is kind of crazy lately. 

Friends list until 5pm: R$15 and after R$20 (women) and R$30 (men).

4. Viaduto de Laranjeiras

The project idea is to occupy public spaces with art and culture. From 4pm to 10pm, two live music presentations and street food. I couldn’t go there yet, in the previous editions, but I support the idea! It is in the viaduct near Santa Bárbara  Tunnel, in the corners of Rua das Laranjeiras with Pinheiro Machado.

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